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Lens is Changing!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

For the first time in a LONG time I'm feeling my passion/fire coming back! I have been contemplating the 'why' behind how I've been feeling and SP just happened to launch a new 30 day plan
which I've signed up for...

Today, your challenge is to write down why you're feeling unbalanced lately... For me it's been my lack of focus and motivation. I'm feeling myself slipping away in the pleasing of another as I enter into a relationship and have the prospect of becoming more involved - I fear losing the independence I've worked so hard to get. I've also found my drive and motivation has been lacking in other areas of my life - such as work and my home space. Dividing myself between the two places - I told my bf I feel like I'm neglecting my own place/space. I need to focus - set new goals again and let go of some fear of change, but also hang on to my identity and the things that I reclaimed when I became single (and vowed to never give up again). I can do this... and I started this morning by finally getting up to workout again... it felt great! Watching the sunrise as I finished the 30mins body pump workout. I had a protein shake, cleaned the kitchen and walking into work saw a beautiful red bird (a cardinal I think)... it's going to be a GREAT day! Going to go walking early this morning while it's cool and meeting up with a former co-worker and will walk more later too!

I have been researching images and quotes for my vision board and I have many areas that I will focus on... Number ONE is the drive to strive for another BIG and kind of scary goal... I've always wanted to coach, motivate and inspire others. I love how I can do this with SP as a team leader and participant and through my blogs... So now that I've achieved kind of a 'cap' on what I can further pursue with my administrative career, I feel it's time to branch out a bit and it still fits in so well with my job because where I work - I'm surrounded by like minded people who strive to live healthy active lifestyles.

So the Vision Board this time will NOT be about losing a set amount of weight but rather focused goals on action items to achieve my goal of becoming a coach.

It will start by FINALLY following through with a plan / program from start to finish - on July 11th I will get back to Day 1 of the 21 day Fix and I'm going to get it done! That will bring me to the end of July. My motivator in doing so is that I must indeed lead by example if I want to become a coach who can inspire others...

I'm so anxious to put together the entire vision board - which I'll be doing either tomorrow or Friday night (and of course I'll post a blog to share).

Here are a few of the inspiring images I'll be including to give you a sneak peak... of the areas that I feel are key to my NEW Vision Board!

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