Pain flareup and oncologist appointment

Monday, July 06, 2015

Had a flareup of my bone pain over the weekend; the worst of it started late yesterday afternoon and went on into the evening, in my left hip (my "bad" hip) and radiated down into my knee. Even my prescription pain med didn't really touch it. I couldn't find any comfortable position either sitting or lying down. It made it hard to get comfortable to sleep last night; I'm used to switching between lying on my left and right sides through the night, and I could only lay on my right side, but then after laying on that side for so long, my arm would go to sleep. Sleeping on my back wasn't an option either; I've never been able to fall asleep while lying on my back, and last night when I did try it, I kept getting spasms in my back. But once I fell asleep, I slept pretty well through the night. It's not hurting as much today, but it's still a little more pain than an "average" day.

Today was a busy day for me, but I got through it. Had my monthly lunch out with a few of the gals I use to work with. I'm glad I was able to go this time; I missed the one in May because I wasn't feeling good, and last month's because I had too much other stuff going on that week.

I saw my oncologist this afternoon; he said that the pain I am having is "tumor flare" from the Ibrance; it happens sometimes when starting new cancer treatments, and with the Ibrance, he said that the pain is a sign that it is working, but that eventually, that pain should be subsiding, but to let him know if it does not get better. I have been on the Ibrance a full week now. I also had my blood drawn for my weekly CBC while I was there at the cancer center; I'm glad they could do it there today, as it saved me making another stop at the hospital to get it done. I don't have the report yet though; when I get it done there, it takes several hours before I can see it online.

My cousin took me to my appointment today, and since she offered to take me to the store also, I picked up my groceries before heading home. It was later in the day than I usually like to shop, and I was tired, but I was glad to do it today because that means I don't have to take the bus to the store to do it this week, and I'm also glad to have that chore done with for this week.

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  • no profile photo CD5707126
    I am so sorry that you are in so much pain but I hope that you are having a good reaction to the new medication and that it is doing the job it is supposed to be doing. I hope that you have some relief soon to the pain. emoticon
    1860 days ago
    I'm sorry you are dealing with pain right now, but the tumor flare is good news. My tumor used to hurt when I was on neoadjuvant chemo and I'd always remind myself when it happened that it was the chemo working on killing off the cancer. I hope the pain doesn't last too much longer or that you doc is able to provide better pain relief for you during this part of the process.

    Hooray for getting the shopping done already for the week!

    I hope you blood counts look pretty good so you can stay on your same dose of medication. Fingers crossed for you!

    1860 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Prayers here too....seems such a roller coaster ride! Won't ever stop the prayers! emoticon
    1861 days ago
    Sorry about the flare up with pain...But if it's meaning that the Ibrance is working that's
    a good sign.Praying that the pain is only a temporary glitch with this new medicine!
    Love & Hugs to you. emoticon
    1861 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Sorry to hear that pain is a sign the medicine is working.
    1861 days ago
    Dear Shari,
    I feel for your hip pain. Had both of mine stopping me from sleeping a few nights ago. I certainly hope the pain subsides and the Ibrance does what it is supposed to without any more side effects. I'm glad your cousin was able to take you to your appointment and help you with your grocery shopping so you don't have to worry about it tomorrow. It's also great that you were able to catch up with your work friends. That social interaction and support when we are well enough is a real boost. Though it can take me a few days to recover from catching up with friends, I'm still always happy when I can manage to do that. Take care and I pray the coming days are easier for you dear friend.
    Love, blessings and lots of big hugs,

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1861 days ago
    Glad you found out what is causing all the pain. Prayers that it continues to work well for you but the pain subsides quickly also.
    Glad you were able to get some much accomplished and can rest and kick back the rest of the week.
    Prayers, blessings, love and hugs,
    1861 days ago
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.
    1861 days ago
    emoticon Good morning Shari,
    I'm so glad you went to lunch with your friends.
    I hope your flare ups are less each day. Sorry.
    God bless you.
    Have a good day.
    1861 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1862 days ago
    PRAYERS,HUGS AND BLESSINGS! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1862 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Pain: Bad
    Ibrance working:good.

    Hope the rest of the week gets better,,glad you got that shopping done for the week.
    1862 days ago
    I will be praying that your pain go away completely! I'm happy you were able to go out to lunch with your friend! Have a great and blessed day tomorrow!!! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1862 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4212235

    I am sorry you were in so much pain this weekend but good that the medication is working. It is really a shame that to get you better, it takes something that will give you another side effect. Praying the pain will go away for you and you will have a good week.

    It is so nice that your cousin took you shopping and one less chore for you to take care of. Especially going by bus which is difficult let alone with shopping bags to carry.

    Praying the blood results are good and the meds are doing their job. Hope you have a restful night.

    Take care.

    emoticon emoticon

    1862 days ago
    So sorry about the pain but it sounds like it may be a good thing. Hope your numbers are good! Fingers crossed! Whatever happened to your friend Rhonda? She seemed to be a big help to you.
    1862 days ago
    Shari, if it's not one challenge, it's another. I'm glad you finally got to sleep.
    Prayers & Positive Energy coming your way!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1862 days ago
  • FLRED12
    I am sorry you are having a painful reaction to the new medication and hope it subsides soon! emoticon
    1862 days ago
    Sorry for your reaction to the new med. Hope he is correct and your body soon adjusts as it sounds like it is helping.
    1862 days ago
    PAIN BEGONE! There!! Did that help? No? Darn! Well I tried....Hang in there Lady. Even though it hurts, good to know it is working for the good.....:)
    1862 days ago
    I hope you are feeling better.
    1862 days ago
    1862 days ago
    Oh, Shari, sorry to hear about the pain. But I do hope it subsides soon as the meds work.
    1862 days ago
    It's sad when we have to be happy the pain means the new new medicine is working!
    But, let's hope what he says is true and the pain will subside and the medication will do it's job! Glad you got more done today than you thought and it will make the rest of the week easier...and the pain was not as bad as yesterday...still sorry you had to contend with it while trying to sleep...the worst!!!
    I hope your blood work is good and you have a comfortable week!
    Prayers, love & hugs,
    1862 days ago
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