Starting Ibrance on Monday

Friday, June 26, 2015

I will be starting my new cancer drug, Ibrance, on Monday.

This morning, I got my first delivery set up with Diplomat, a specialty pharmacy. They will be sending out by UPS and I will get it on Monday. I will have to be here to sign for it.

I had been concerned that the copay might be more than I could afford to pay, with it being a brand new drug (it was just approved in February), but to my surprise, and relief, my copay will only be $5.88. It's always stressful to start a new cancer drug, because even though you are given a list of possible side effects, you truly do not know how it will affect you until you start taking it. It's a big relief to at least not to have worry about how I will pay for it.

I will on a 28 day cycle with this drug; I'll be taking it daily for 21 days in a row, and then take 7 days off. I have to take Femera along with it, that one is daily with no breaks. I've been taking the Femera for almost 2 weeks now, with the exception of the days I spent in the hospital, because they did not have that drug available there. So far, I have not noticed any side effects from the Femera.

This drug will not cure the cancer, but hopefully, it will slow down the progression. I will have to continue to get my CBC checked every week while I am on it. One of the most common side effects with it is the lowering of the WBCs; my oncologist told me that if mine get too low, instead of taking me off the drug, he will adjust the dosing schedule.
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