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Bathtub Confessions

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

For the mini-challenge in the Sizzlin’ Summer Honeys Challenge, I asked my fellow DONE Girls to share an activity they are excited about doing once they are healthier. It can be big, small, or random! Here is mine:

I WANT TO FIT IN MY BATHTUB! I have always been a big girl, and I think the last time I fit comfortably in a tub was probably in middle school! Not only am I wide and round, I’m tall. Bathtubs were definitely designed in a time when people were smaller!

I love the feeling of soaking in the tub and letting the hot water relax my mind and body. But…I DON’T FIT! At any given time in the tub, only about a third of my body is actually able to enjoy the warm soapy goodness. If all of my legs are in, then my torso is up! If I slump down to get my back and shoulders wet, then my legs are up! And my poor forgotten boobs. They are NEVER under the water, sitting or lying down. I have to lap and splash the water over my chest, and that’s just too much work!

Now let’s talk about water spillage. Even when I am super careful to keep all of the water in the tub, a cascade rolls over the tub and ends up on the floor. I got smart many years ago and put down a towel before getting in the tub as a preemptive strike against the puddles, but water still gets everywhere!

Then comes the brutal act of getting out of the tub. My tub is deep and narrow and DOES NOT have a rail to grab onto. So here I am in slick soapy water trying to pry my body out enough to grab onto something and stand. Instead I roll over slowly, trying to avoid more water spillage, slide up onto my knees and slowly and carefully stand with the support of my shower wall. Whew, so much work for such little relaxation time. This is probably why I only take a bath about once a month and opt for long hot showers instead.

I am using my bathtub frustrations as motivation to be healthier! Because some day I WILL fit in my tub and be able to RELAX!
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