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Little Griffin - Update. Hopefully the last one. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This will hopefully be my last update on Little Griff. I hope this will mean the cancer is gone for good and he will be on the road to full recovery and a long life. God Bless him and his family.

(This was Posted by his mother on FB)
Biopsy results are in...

By jill dahmen — 14 hours ago
So there are times in your life when you need to pray big, you need to pray big like you need air to live. This is how we have lived the last few months. We have been praying boldly that God would kill this tumor completely. After his surgery, when the tumor was removed along with the lymph node and the nodule out of his vein we intensified our prayers even more...we NEEDED for all of those to be 100% cancer free. We needed them to be completely dead! And we needed you all to join us. Like we needed air, we needed this.

I spoke about Elijah last night but I relate to him in a different way too. In an effort to prove who the true God is, Elijah proposes that he and the prophets who worship Baal (a false God), each build an altar and ask their God to consume it with fire. The Baal worshipers altar wouldn't burn. Now it was Elijah's turn...not only did he build the altar, he had people pour water on it...lots of water. I feel like he wanted to prove just how POWERFUL his God was.

I feel like when we were asking God for 100% dead that we were throwing water on our altar. We were soaking this altar. We weren't JUST asking God for good results, we were asking him for the BEST POSSIBLE results.

Elijah's altar burned. God proved his sovereignty by consuming the altar with flames AND the flames even licked up the water.

My friends, Griffin's doctors called today.

God burned up our offering and he even licked up the water that we had poured on it!!! Griffin's biopsies came back 100% DEAD....100%!!!!!

We are overwhelmed...God poured his mercy on our son so heavily that we can literally feel it!!!

We have NEVER been more thankful...we've never been more happy!

Griffin will continue with chemotherapy for 22 more weeks. But with these results he has been spared radiation that would have been detrimental to his development and would have consumed his summer...every day. We can take 22 weeks of chemo! NO fear!

Thank you so much for being faithful warriors! ALL GLORY TO GOD!

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