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An Amusing Conversation Between Old Me and New Me

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Yesterday was kind of a full day. I spent most of it running errands and on the go. By the time I had time to think about walking (I began June with a commitment to walk at least 15 minutes a day) or doing my strength exercises (another schedule I committed to the first of June), it was after 10:00 p.m. I thought perhaps some of you would enjoy the conversation that ensued between the two me's as I was deciding to walk and workout anyway.

New Me - emoticon "Well, I guess it has gotten too late to walk outside. I guess I could walk 15 minutes here in the house"

Old Me - emoticon - "Naw, you don't need to do that. It's too late, besides walking in the house will not be as good for you as walking outside. You can't walk as fast. It's the same track a hundred times. It will be boring. I KNOW 15 minutes will seem like an hour and a half!! Let's just go to bed."

emoticon - "How about let's don't and say we did? LOL"

emoticon - "You aren't funny! AT ALL!!!! That was your mother's saying. You know if you walk, you will tell that you did! You will report it on the F*R*I*E*N*D*S Now you are just being a liar! Clearly you are too tired to think straight, let;s go to bed. You worked hard today. It'll be F I N E !!!! You walked at Wal-Mart! Good heavens we were there over an hour! ENOUGH already!!"

emoticon - "That sounds just like something the Old Me would say. Obviously that is proof I should do the exact opposite, besides, Wal-Mart was not non stop walking it doesn't count.Okay, here we go"......." (Begins walking)

emoticon - "GREAT, FINE, Just ignore me! I could care less! I hope being on your feet that long at Wal-Mart and now this stupid walking makes your legs hurt! I bet in the morning you will be all stiff and stove up! Why, I bet when you get outta bed you are gonna walk like a 90 year old woman! I would bet that........"

emoticon - "SHUT UP! and walk!!" Begins humming

emoticon - "Fine! I am walking, but in the morning when you can't move, don't come crying to me!"

emoticon - Just smiles emoticon continues walking emoticon and humming emoticon

After the walk is over, I head to the back to do my strength training, the conversation picks back up!

emoticon - "Seriously?!?!?! No, you are kidding right?? We don't need to do this!! You already walked!!! The exercises can wait!!!"

emoticon - "Yep, I am serious! We are going to do this. We are on a roll and need to keep it that way."

emoticon - "Awwwwwww COME ON!!! How come "WE" have to do it when YOU are the only one that wants to?!?!"

emoticon - "That's easy. Because I am in charge of the body. YOU are just a voice. You don't actually control the moving parts. LOL"

emoticon - (Seriously pouty voice) "I told you, you are NOT funny!!" OUCH! THAT one hurt!! We don't need to do the leg stuff! (Much nicer voice) How bout we compromise, Okay, buddy?? I mean, I didn't complain much about the "extra" walking. How about we say the legs are worked out enough, okay? What do you say, pal? You know the arms are your biggest focus, we can just leave off the leg exercises, okay sweetie?"

emoticon - "we are doing all of them! Now hush! I am trying to count...18, 19, 20"

emoticon - "Okay, okay, okay, yeah, I mean OF COURSE we should do them ALL. I mean, heaven forbid you should have super toned arms and wimpy legs! Of course we want to keep everything even! Of course you are right! But, how about we just do one set? That's a good deal, right? I mean half of the work out is better than none,"

emoticon - "But a whole workout is better than a half"

emoticon - Awwwww, Come ON!! Noone will know!! I WON"T tell!!!!"

emoticon - "First of all, I will know and that is reason enough to keep going. Second, you CAN"T tell! You are only audible in MY head. No one else can hear you."

L O O O O N G Silence during which New Me continues exercising.

emoticon - "You know I hate you, right?"

emoticon - "Yes, love, I know"

emoticon - "Don't call me that!"

emoticon - "Okay' what should I call you?"

emoticon - " Don't call me anything, I am no longer speaking to you. And by the way, in the morning, if you are sore, ..."

emoticon " Let me guess, Don't come whining to you, right?"

emoticon - No response emoticon
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