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Standard FAQ 5% Seasonal Weight Loss Challenge

Saturday, June 13, 2015

emoticon This list of FAQ applies to the current season.


If you haven't heard of us, you might want to check us out.
If you've heard of us but on the fence about joining, you might want to check us out.
If you are a former member, we miss you, you might want to check us out.
If you're already a Challenger... Well, aren't we all the lucky ones!

Below is the Challenge FAQ just in case you want to check us out. emoticon

This is a Challenge Community, unlike other Spark Teams which are mostly based on a specific topic. If you still have questions after reading this FAQ, please ask on the Discussion Buzz.

emoticon Important for new members! If you decide this challenge is not for you, please notify CERIUSLY or one of the other leaders upon leaving the Community. Otherwise, your name remains on our membership list and you will receive an invitation to one of the individual teams. When invitations are not accepted, the teams become very unbalanced in number. emoticon

emoticonA Plane! What Plane?

Every 5% Community Member reserves a virtual seat on a virtual plane, which will virtually race to exciting cities around the world. The Community team is like the first major airport we take off from. Each successive, (and successful), week we race to a new City and track a healthy lifestyle activity.

The Community Team is where everyone gathers to get ready for departure. There are 13 planes, (teams, we started with 10 smaller teams in 2010), waiting for passengers to board. Please mingle with others in the Community while the Air Traffic Controllers, (Community Leaders), ready the planes and finalize the travel plans.

emoticon The Summer 2018 Community Team is officially open. Anyone may join the current Community Team. Three of the individual teams are themed teams, There are no reserved spaces on ANY of the Individual teams!!! Returning members must sign up to join their team so EVERYONE has the same opportunity to post a sign up for any of the individual teams. emoticon (There are 2 exceptions. If you lost the privilege of team choice by defaulting your position in the previous challenge. ie. not posting and/or not weighing in for 2 weeks consecutively, or, if you post to a team that is already full. Full means when the plane reaches capacity, not when the doors are closed).

You can find the team descriptions here:

Read the team descriptions and carefully consider the team that best fits your needs. emoticon IMPORTANT! The team threads are for **SIGNING UP ONLY** No chatting or cheers or other comments made on the team threads. Any questions or comments should be shared on the Discussion Buzz. Please post for only one team, and only one post. This is important in helping us keep track of everyone. We don’t want to lose anyone.
There is nothing more required to do at this time, but read the sticky topics, enjoy getting to know the new members, and actively participate in the Community Activities.

When the Community reaches the Max number of members, teams will be finalized, the starting date will be announced, leaders will be invited, and we will get ready for take off!

emoticonWhat is the difference between the Overall Community Team and the 13 teams?
Before a challenge participant is on one of the 12 individual teams, they must first be a member of the 5% Challenge Community. (Described above). The Overall Challenge Leaders are, KALISWALKER, (Lynn), CERIUSLY, (Ceri), JMCADE (Joanne), HICIM705 (Heidi), and MONAKIN314, (Monaca).

Please continue to interact on the Community Board after the Challenge officially starts. There are ongoing activities and announcements posted there. Please look the threads over and subscribe to those you wish to follow.

The 13 Individual Challenge teams are in a friendly competition to reach each destination city as quickly as they can. Each of these teams has 5 Co-Leaders. You will find their names in the top right corner of the team page, along with the names of the Overall Community Leaders.

The Community Board and most of the Team Boards have a specific place to ask questions. This allows for getting answer’s more quickly since experienced teammates can also reply. If anyone needs additional help, please feel free to contact a Leader.

On the Community Board please ask questions and chat in 'Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion'


emoticon ONLY Leaders start new thread topics. If you have an idea to share, please contact one of the Leaders. emoticon

emoticonWhere do I post my weight and fitness minutes?

Individual team Leaders set up their forums the way that works best for them. Please read carefully the first post in each thread for instructions on how to use that thread. There is a Challenge thread for posting your daily challenge points. This is the ONLY purpose for that thread. emoticon NO CHATTING, COMMENTS, OR OTHER TEAM ACTIVITIES POSTED ON THIS THREAD.

***** Attention Team Leaders*******
Leaders, please be encouraged to start new threads for the team only activities, and keep your weekly Challenge thread strictly for Exercise and LTGL Points.

emoticonHow do I remain active on my team and in the Challenge?

This is a 3 part Challenge:
1) Exercise = Air Miles: 120 Daily Maximum minutes.
2)Living The Good Life, (LTGL) = a healthy lifestyle activity. The weekly activity and the points scored for it varies from week to week. Any questions you have concerning this will be answered by your team Leaders.

******Posting Points and Weight Loss *********

Weights must be posted no later than 11:59 PM Saturday. This gives the team weight leaders, time to log weights to the master spreadsheet, so JMCADE (Joanne), our awesome Overall Weight Leader can do the calculations. If members weigh-in on another day, they can post their weight any time before Saturday, but all weights must be entered by Saturday to count for that week. If the time stamp on the post is later than 11:59 Saturday of that week, it is considered an unexcused absence and will be highlighted in red. 2 Consecutive reds place you in default and suspension. emoticon

****If a member is not going to be available to post their weight in time, the absence must be noted on their weigh-in post, e.g. “out of town”, and please let your team Weight Leader know. Absences must be previously reported to the team Weight Leader, by noting the absence on their Weight post, to be excused.

2 *Consecutive* UN-excused missed weight postings will result in a suspension of posting weight and points for the remainder of the current challenge. This does not mean suspension from the team for the remainder of the current challenge.

*** You may continue to participate in the team only activities if you wish to, but you will have no team choice upon returning for the next challenge.

emoticon As of 2013 Spring into Summer challenge, this is no longer a new rule and will be enforced.

emoticon POSTING POINTS* Important addendum to the rules

Beginning with the 2013 Fall Challenge the weigh in rule and consequences, (as noted above), applies to posting points also. All Air Miles and LTGL points for the week must be posted by 11:59 PM FRIDAY evening. (Notice the difference from the day for posting weight).

****If a member is not going to be available to post fitness minutes and Living the Good Life Points for any length of time, the absence must be noted on their weigh-in post, e.g. “out of town”. Absences must be previously reported to the team Leaders with a notation on your weigh-in post, to be excused.

emoticon Of course allowances will be made for emoticon EXTREME emergencies only.

We encourage everyone to log on and post as often as they can in support of their team, but we understand that daily posting may not be possible for everyone. Points may be posted for more than one day at a time, example: Posting for Sunday through Thursday, or whatever dates you are posting for. Please note the individual dates on your post so your Team Challenge Leader can accurately credit your numbers. Any questions, ask your team leaders.

2 consecutive weeks of unexcused absence result in suspension from posting either weight or points for the remainder of the current challenge and no team choice in the next challenge. These members are highlighted in red on the Master Weight Spread Sheet, and automatically are placed in the overflow pool and used to balance the teams in the following challenge. If you know you were disqualified by default please post to the Thread, Any Team is Great.

emoticon Summary of rules to stay active in the Challenge:
1.Post Fitness and LTGL Points at least once weekly by 11:59 PM Friday
2.Post weight weekly by 11:59 PM Saturday
3.Absences must be pre-reported on your Weigh in post to be excused.

2 consecutive weeks of unexcused absence result in suspension from posting either weight or points for the remainder of the current challenge and no team choice in the next challenge. If team members are loyal to their teams and participate in team activities it goes a long way toward helping everyone reach their goals. Please be ACTIVELY supporting your team. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks for understanding!

emoticonWhy are time zones so important?

Landing times and Final numbers for each week are determined from the time stamp on the post. Bonus points of 100, 75, and 50 are awarded to the first three teams to “land” their planes. (First teams to arrive at the destination, ie reach the required number of air miles). Once your team has landed, please KEEP posting your exercise and LTGL points. Total points for the week determine your team score.

emoticonWhat does “by midnight Friday” actually mean?

In past challenges, there has been some confusion about what midnight actually means. 12:00 Noon is PM. Midnight is 12:00 AM, the first minute of the day. Each weekly challenge begins at 12:00 AM Saturday. Any points posted after 11:59 PM Friday are lost points. No exceptions. It is time-consuming for Leaders to look at pages to try to determine what time zone people are in. Please either include your time zone when you post points or make it part of your signature on your Spark Page. To do this, choose edit my Spark Page, scroll to the bottom, and you will see where to edit your signature. Remember to click save changes.

emoticonHow are team ranks determined?

The 3 parts of the challenge are equally important. Team standings are based on each team’s combined ranking in each of the 3 parts – Air Miles, LTGL points and weight loss. 1st place = 13 points, 2nd place = 12 points, 3rd place = 11 points, etc. A perfect score would be weight loss 13 points, LTGL 13 points and air miles 13 points for a total perfect score of 39 points. At the end of the challenge, the team points for Air Miles, LTGL and Weight Loss will be added together to determine your team’s standing after the 8 Challenges have ended.

emoticonWhat if I need to leave the challenge for some reason?

We sincerely hope everyone on every team will stay actively committed for the entirety of the 8 weeks. Sometimes things happen to pull us in other directions. If you must leave the challenge for any reason, please first inform your team leaders. It’s so much better for the leaders to know someone is leaving than have them wondering where someone is. Besides, it’s the respectful thing to do.

emoticon Is it ok for a friend or team leader to post points for someone else?

This is not allowed. No exceptions.

emoticon What if I don't need to lose 5% of my weight?
Don't let Maintenance stop you from enjoying the challenge! We have many members who reached their goal by doing these challenges and remain active and supportive of their teams. 5% Maintainer ADRIENALINE says our fitness and LTGL tracking makes maintenance a breeze. emoticon

A Brief Tour of the Community Forums:

Sticky Topics: Sticky Topics are a must read to help our members navigate the Challenge.

First Sticky Topic -Just Joined the Team - READ THIS FIRST

"Buzz Around the Airport-Discussion" Second Sticky

Any Questions, you can ask here, and they will be answered here. Chat and discussion is done only on this thread. emoticon Please do not start new threads. After you receive your team invitations, your Team Co-Leaders will be happy to answer your questions and be your guides to reaching your goals.

A Required Reading Summary of Rules is posted as the Third Sticky Topic for easy and quick reference. Please note, Not knowing the rules is not a reason for not obeying the rules.

Introduce yourself HERE ONLY PLEASE! Again, please do not start new introductory threads. Rather add your intro post to the thread provided. The Leaders use this forum for other activities throughout the challenge, so a single intro post would get lost.

Feel free to ask your questions on the Buzz conversation, or send Spark Mail to me or one of the other leaders. We are listed at the top right of the Community Team Page.

note: Seasons and dates may not be current but this is our Standard FAQ.

Have fun being a loser!

Ceri emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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