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People who bring others down

Thursday, June 11, 2015

So, I had a meltdown the other day. And that is a rarity for me since I tend to be able to manage my emotions really well as an educated and mature grown woman. But I posted this on Facebook and I wanted to share it (since I am clearly not over it yet!)

"Rant: what a hateful, rude, judgmental society we live in. Instead of applauding others for being themselves all happy and what not, people find it appropriate to place judgement, promote stereotypes, share sour opinions, and be judgey pricks instead of realizing you are the problem. Spend time building people up, not placing them in the boxes that society already does.

No wonder every single person has issues, insecurities and complexes. If you're not part of the solution, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Think about it. Think about what you post, what you comment, and how stupid and judgmental it makes you look.....Spend your energy posting a compliment. Fancy this......it might just make someones day.

End rant."

I posted this after seeing a few people post some negative comments and articles on people taking GYM SELFIES. I lost it. Totally lost it.

I thought to myself, these people are in the gym working their butts off, literally. They take a pic for whatever their reasons might be and choose to put that up on social media. Okay, SO WHAT. Maybe they like that pic. Maybe it's motivation. Maybe its progress. Maybe its just to say to the world, 'hey, I'm here.' Or maybe it's their therapy and it's helping them cope. WHO KNOWS WHY and WHO CARES WHY......it's their social media account and if they want to post a HARMLESS pic of them in the gym, go for it!!!!

Here's where I get annoyed. The RUDE article that was posted by a person I let follow me on social media was a ridiculous study about how people who post about their healthy lifestyle and gym selfies are NARCISSISTIC and could be classified as having low self-esteem and mental depression.

Are you kidding me? Anyways, even though the 'study' was complete baloney in my opinion, I was really heated by the responses that she was getting for flagrantly sharing this article. People supporting a stupid article that again, stereotyped people.

1. We are already a naturally judgemental and harsh society. We are tough on each other for no other reason than maybe it makes us feel better. Making fun of people who are different. Having racist opinions or thoughts. Judging people for their lifestyles. We are the reason why women and men feel like they have to look a certain way and act a certain way....and BY GOD, if you act outside of those boundaries, well dang it, you deserve to be shunned. Screw this......

2. What could posting that POSSIBLY do to improve YOUR life or the lives of OTHERS? Think about it? Exactly.....so, why endorse that kind of negativity.

3. When you dont know someone's story---you really dont have a place to judge.

4. Clearly our society has some major deficiencies. People will judge you if you post too many pics of your cat--oh, you're the crazy cat lady. You must be lonely. Or if you post too many pix of your significant other--you must be insecure. Desperate. Unhappy to have to parade them around. Or, if you post pix of ANYTHING that is important to you, SOCIETY is going to tell you that you have a problem of some sort. JEEEEEEEZ when did we get like this. Social media has turned people into judgemental monsters! What people used to keep to themselves, they now have a platform for displaying their ignorance, lack of class or humanity, and promote their demeaning attitudes.

We NEED to be kinder. Be a more gentle society. Loving on each other. The world is a harsh place and we dont have to contribute to that. When you share something in social media be mindful of your audience. If you have opinions on how others live their lives, UNFOLLOW them. Don't be friends with them, OR dont be in that space. If you dont like how someone looks, TOUGH. What is it affecting you? This transcends all areas of life. Society breeds negativity. NEWSFLASH: there is no ONE WAY to live in this world. Happiness is in all shapes and forms. WE have no right to pass judgement, as there is only one who does.....and that is whomever you choose to believe in. Negativity is poisonous. Judgement is toxic. It spreads. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

I challenge you--think about what you say under your breath, in your head, or out in social media. Words hurt. Judgement shows ignorance. And what you believe might be a harmless opinion actually HAS real repercussions. Try spreading love. For one day, compliment as MANY people as you can. It's amazing how good you feel when you applaud someone for working hard at the gym, even if they are not working hard as you think they should---they are there, right? Applaud that. Tell someone they look nice? Or to have a wonderful day.

You never know who you are impacting. Truly. Day in and day out, I make it a goal to tell at least 10 people something nice, share a compliment or words of encouragement----And you will see. Living a life like this is incredibly rewarding. I'm not perfect and I do catch myself being judgey, but I work on it. All the time. To reverse what society has ungratefully done to me and my thinking. I am in control of what I SAY, SHARE, and COMMENT.....and I make it my duty to be mindful of these things.

End blog rant ;) Thanks for reading and letting me vent!

Peace, LOVE and LOVE and LOVE and LOVE! Everyone.


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