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Friday, May 29, 2015

‎Friday, ‎29 ‎May, ‎2015

Today my heart is thankful of all Jesus has done for me ,,, I could talk all day on that however the most recent is I know a friend posted her mom died today and she is struggling ,, it brought to mind my mom she died ,, 3 years ago on Feb ,, and memorial day I think on this I so miss her ,, nothing like a mom or dad to run to when you have them however I learned along time ago to run to my Father God for my needs so when I lost my parents it was not as hard ,, yes I loved them yes I miss them ,, my dad called me everyday ,,, I am not sure who I miss more my niece who died suddenly who I watched be born in march and had my daughter in July ,, I miss them all but for those who have lost loved ones ,,, let me tell you there is coming a homecoming you will never imagine in a million years ,, if they are saved and you are ,, then when Jesus comes and gathers us to go home or if you have died either way a glorious day that will be ,,, I just get excited to think about it ,,, I had a dream about 10 years ago ,, The man I loved on earth went to heaven ,,, and I guess I miss him the most ,,, we were so in love ,,, He was the best thing on earth that I had found ,,, He loved me more than life and it was returned we both came out of bad long marriages and met and if I had a soul mate if that is true he was it :) and he died suddenly of a fatal heart attack ,, I asked God to let me know he was in heaven as he was not on the same level of love of Christ I was ,, God gave me a dream and I am gonna tell you it was awesome ,, when I woke I was shaking and I ran to my computer and I wrote the dream down ,, I will share this with you I was in Heaven and it was the most peaceful place I had ever been the colors I cant tell you there are no words to tell you them ,, and the lions and tigers were all around me but there was no Fear the just walked by me I sat on a bench with Will and I said I so love you and He told me I love you to however you have to go back ,,, God needs you there I told him I do not want to leave here ,, He said I know but you have to ,, I woke up and I was crying my sister said what is wrong when I went to the computer I said I cant talk I have to get this down ,, there was more I cant share ,, but what I want you to know is someday and it wont be long ,, you will see them again and you will never ever be like it is here ,, the peace oh the peace ,,, So look up our redemption draws near and we have work to do here ,,, I love you and I pray this has helped anyone who has lost a loved one ,,, Be Blessed today love Betty
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