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Thursday, May 28, 2015

ok, so I have to get back on track. I'm going full throttle in june. I can go full throttle for a downward spiral, so why not do the same for an upward spiral?

I tracked my food intake perfectly Saturday-Tuesday. it was interesting. first off, in those 4 days I ate all my allotted calories, etc for the week! omg. 41% was from various forms of alcohol! after Tuesday I got scared and quit tracking. the last two days haven't been any better. I can't keep doing this. I gained 10 lbs in 2 months! I can't continue on with that projection. it will only get worse.

I'm completely miserable! I have to make some changes.

first, I'm cutting out the booze. I want to be able to stop at one or two drinks, not keep going. it's pretty obvious at this time that I'm unable to do that. aside from father's day I have no social events planned for june. I'm sure that will change pretty quickly, but I can't use those as an excuse to drink. I need to put myself first, not everyone else's feelings of awkwardness that I'm not drinking. also my own awkwardness of being sober in a social environment.

I didn't used to be that way. when did it change? when I became overweight from drinking and felt self-conscious so I drank to feel comfortable? hmm...kind of a vicious cycle of irony.

second I'm going to focus on fitness. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I'm going to ride my bike more and work on 10k steps a day. I just really need to work on not making excuses to not workout.

finally, I'm going to track! it was rather easy to track those four days. scary, but easy. I have no excuse to not track. even if I have to guesstimate or take a pic and track later, I have to do it! I never would have imagined I was as far off track as I have been if I hadn't tracked over the weekend. I know the last however many weeks haven't been too far off from what this week has been. no excuses! good, bad or ugly, I track it!

ok, that should keep my focused for the month and help get me back on track.

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    I've gone back to tracking too and the alcohol is crazy! I need to quit those empty calories but sheesh! It's hard during the summer lol
    We've got this! emoticon emoticon
    2215 days ago
    I'm proud of you for tracking those days!! Try again!
    Remember the proverb - fall down 7 times, get up 8!!

    You can do this!!!

    2217 days ago
    I think tracking can be a very useful tool. It may take time, but I have found I have slowly made more conscious choices to skip that second drink or that dessert because of my calorie count for the day.
    I think you fitness ideas sound great.. 10K steps a day is wonderful! Have fun and it becomes a habit and is easier to stick with!
    Have a great time reaching those goals in June!

    2217 days ago
    Upward!! I had to cut out alcohol completely. I can't stop at 1 or 2 either. I warn you that it will not be easy. But, you can do it! You will be delighted how good you feel once your body is rid of the poison that is booze! I track everything. It showed me what a drunk I was and how many calories were wasted in a bottle of wine!! As for fitness, find something you enjoy and do it! I'm here at the other end of your computer to listen (so to speak) if you need support. You can do this and the time is NOW!! ~~Melissa
    2217 days ago
    Full throttle.....you go!!! You can do it!!!

    2217 days ago
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