CT Scan Results

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My CT scan results finally showed up online late in the afternoon yesterday. Not really sure what to make of them; they aren't good, but I'm not sure how "bad" the "bad" really is, if that makes any sense? Until I talk to my oncologist, I don't know if the progression of the cancer is considered minimal, or a lot, or if it's still slow growing like I was told it was about 6 months ago.

It does say there are multiple new lesions in the liver, but not what size those lesions are; the most alarming thing to me is that it says my liver is 30% tumor now (and it's not like one big tumor, it's smaller tumors scattered throughout the liver.) As for the bones, it says there new mets, (but small ones) in the spine, ribs and sternum. A bit of good news, it says there is no indication of any fractures, or anything in danger of fracture, and no compression of the spinal cord. As for the lungs, it doesn't say much, but it sounds like there are no big changes there, which is a good thing.

Despite all the questions I have about my report, I'm still glad to know at least something; to me, even bad news is better than not having any news at all, especially since I don't see my oncologist until June 12. So right now, I'm still trying to process everything while at the same time trying not obsess about it until I see him.

I had my Monday standing order lab work done this morning; because of the holiday, I didn't have it done yesterday because the outpatient part of the hospital lab was not open. Hemoglobin dropped from 12.1 last Thursday down to 11 today; the 11 itself is not a bad number, but it's still discouraging that it dropped a whole point in less than a week.

Feeling pretty worn out today though; had a hard time getting to sleep last night, with my mind on the CT results, and today, we have thunderstorms in the forecast and it's humid out, so that is aggravating my pain issues. I think tonight though, I'll be able to sleep just from exhaustion.
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