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Warming Up for the Warm Up

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Next weekend is our warm up self-supported cycling tour from Friday through Sunday through the Finger Lakes. I say warm up as we are planning a longer, more challenging self-supported tour of the Adirondack Mountains in September...territory I have seen very little of and am looking forward to doing it on two wheels! Our tour leader is promising a "kinder, gentler" route through the Adirondacks, but it's still going to be a challenge to rival and quite possibly exceed last years' Catskill Mountain tour. Excited!!!

Since I haven't ridden with my bike fully loaded since last years' Catskill ride, I figure I oughta load 'em up for at least ONE fully-loaded ride before we embark on our mini-adventure next weekend.

Beautiful, picture perfect weather! This was a scheduled "smell-the-roses" ride of around 22 miles starting at our Vestal Rail Trail heading out to the end of Marshland road. I started out of Binghamton with other club members to tack on an additional 18 miles rounding it up to 40. We were out reveling in the sun, company and roads from 12:30 to 6, stopping occasionally to allow some to catch up or take water breaks. And of course the obligatory stop at the ice cream stand...that's where one of my apples came in mighty handy...refreshing too!

Courtesy of another member I have a couple of pics to share...note to self: getcher camera in GEAR buddy!

I'll share a story about the first pic. Take a look on the far left at the yellow jersey with green and red being sported by our ever-loquacious leader and founding member Augie (unfortunately he's cut out of the pic partially):

Here is the story he shared about this jersey after the ride, posting to our e-mail list:

"About 20 joined the ride to Marshland Road and back streets on this cool, sunny afternoon. GREAT RIDE, with some stopping at the Vestal Trail Coal House for ice cream post ride. Thank you Joanie!!

Wore my hot peppers bicycle jersey and once again garnered many comments on what a great looking jersey it is!! Even had a few cat calls from walkers on the RT. They shouted "Great Shirt!!".

A common query is where did you get that GREAT JERSEY??

It does indeed deserve an explanation.

Years ago, perhaps 10, I was inspecting jerseys for sale at the Chris Thater, along with one of our more vigorous bicyclists, Karen Koscianski. I saw this great jersey and convinced Karen K to buy it because in my role as STYLE MAN I realized she would indeed look good in this fine garb.

She wore it a few times, but her enthusiasm for the jersey never reached its true value. After about a year she tossed the jersey to me with the comment "Here, you liked it so much, you wear it!!" And I have, never failing to get great comments on this great jersey from friends and complete strangers.

Thank you Karen K. for your generosity."

Whadda guy! :-)

Here's another pic at the Coal House where we stopped for ice cream. You'll see a bit of my fully loaded bike in the lower left corner of the pic with the yellow/green tent and black OR stuff sack bungeed to my bike:

An annoying click developed on my bike as I pedaled along today...each rotation of the pedals brought out a "click!" which another club member diagnosed as not such a big deal. Although it would be a big deal if not tended to before my tour! So I'm pleased to have it crop up now instead of later. He believes the pedal and the crankshaft may be a tad loose. I'm a hard pedaling kinda rider...probably tend to be the lowest cadence rider in a bunch of cyclists, hard on the equipment. So I'll tend to this during the week, either hit up my bike savvy neighbor for a favor or head to the local bike shop.

Tomorrow there is NOTHING on the agenda, hoping to kick back and enjoy the weather and have a relaxing day.

Cheers to my SparkFamily on this wonderful Memorial Day!

You all ROCK!

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