Sunday, May 24, 2015

Life continues to throw me curve balls. With the schedule they have us on at work, I am so tired I rarely have time to cook healthy anymore. It's easier just to grab something quick and easy, and that most often means unhealthy. The scales have certainly reflected that. I had gained 40 pounds from the last time I had checked in. But for the past week I have managed to return to my healthy eating, and the scales are down 18 pounds already.

And the bad news continues. Just before Christmas my eldest sister was having trouble breathing and was in a lot of pain. At the ER they did a CT Scan and found masses in her liver. After Christmas when she was able to see an oncologist, she found out she has stage 4 liver cancer, cancer in 1 lung, 1 lymph node and the primary site is in her colon, the rectum to be precise. At first the doctor gave her maybe 6 months. This was an extreme shock to us all, because my sister was always doing something. Just the week before she went to the ER she had been working in the yard. She thought the pain she was experiencing was due to a fall she had had at a patient's home months before that she had had to have shoulder surgery for. If only that was all it had been.

Her daughter-in-law took over her life, making her eat vegan, not letting her drive, basically holding her prisoner. She was losing weight quickly and becoming weak. The doctor told her, in front of her daughter-in-law, that whatever she felt she could eat, to eat it. With the chemo, food tastes so bad that there aren't many things she can tolerate. We weren't sure she would even make the 6 month mark. What it boils down to is that her lowlife son and daughter-in-law just after Easter threw her out of her home. She had given them $36,000 towards building their home and been promised she could live in that apartment for the rest of her life. Let's just say her son is missing a part of his anatomy because his lazy (she doesn't work and sleeps half the day) wife has them in her pocket.

So my sister is living with me now. It's interesting because she has a Yorkie who doesn't like cats and I have 3 cats who are bigger than her. But my sister is doing much better now, and so am I. I make sure she eats when she can, if nothing else at least drink Glucerna for some nutrition. I am making time to cook healthy and that benefits both of us. She is able to get out. We have been clothes shopping several times in the last few weeks. She needed new clothes because of her weight loss, but she seems to be at a more stable weight now that she is eating some. I make spinach omelets for she and I and her dog, Dolly, every morning. She is eating bananas, soup, salad, turkey sandwiches. I'm eating the same thing, so her weight is stabilizing while mine is going down.

My job is the biggest factor in my weight gain over the last few months. I used to love my job, but now it is so stressful that I get physically ill just thinking of going to work. I clock in at 5:38 PM and it's usually around 6:00 AM when I clock out. I do this 4 nights a week, and there are 4 times in a row I work 5 nights in a row because it falls between 2 weeks and it's always on the weekends. So I am working nearly 60 hours in a row but no overtime because of the way it falls. And I have an hour drive to work and an hour back. There have been times I've been so exhausted I've had to pull over and take a 10 or 15 minute nap.

I'm looking for another job now, one closer to home. Unfortunately in my little town there aren't a lot of options, but I do have a lead on one that I would love and it's literally just down the road from my house. Everyone say a prayer that I get a position with this company. It will be completely different from anything I've ever done, but the money and the benefits are great. It's a Japanese company, and they know how to take care of their employees. They even have a gym on site and they are expanding.

Having my sister here has been the catalyst to eat healthy again and search for another job. Everything that has happened is a bad situation, but in the end I think it is good for the both of us that we are living together now. Instead of months I think she will have years left, and the healthier I become, the longer I have.
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    If you have Facebook, please find me. Susan Oliver or snwangel831. I'd love to be friends here & there as well
    2197 days ago
    I pray that the solutions come quickly & for the health of your sister. Have they discussed surgery? I've had most of my intestines and rectal sphincter removed as well as a liver/pancreas transplant. Remember to take care of you, too!
    2197 days ago
    Bless you for taking care of your sister. You are her earthly angel. Hugs to both of you!
    2262 days ago
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