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Walking 80 pounds of velcro and a spazzpogo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I have two mismatched dogs, a standard poodle, and a Dexter rat terrier. Guess which one is the velcro and which is the spazzpogo?

First I tried two leashes, but this resulted in either or both shoulders feeling dangerously close to being ripped from their sockets as both dogs vied to be first. So I ordered one "Wacky Walker" leash with a splitter. This looks rather like an oversized bungee cord. The idea is that the dog will pull, get about four inches ahead, feel resistance and give up.


Ha, ha, ha!

Neither dog can stand for the other dog to have any chance of being first. However, the bungee idea has actually resulted in a lot less stress on my shoulders, so it was worth the money, anyway.

I have dared to take the dogs to three different parks with this get up - and I am running out of parks in reasonable driving distance. Solomon, the poodle, ranges in behavior from a four year old child to a 64 year old English professor on the verge of retirement. He is either ready to gleefully rip to shreds something he finds (and of course refuse to put it together again) or he thinks whatever we propose to do is sooooo tedious. Elliot, the rat terror, finds nothing tedious. Nothing. He must inspect everything. Birds in the pond. Birds in the sky. That stick over there. The ditch, especially if it is muddy. Don't forget the poop over there. Yep, everything. Everything except children, especially very cute children. Whenever he sees a child, he growls, barks, pulls on his leash and acts like he has seen the Devil.


And then we come home and I have to pull stick-lets and burrs out of one and wash poop and mud out of the other.

Needless to say, we will go back to walking down to the mailbox and back.
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