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Gardening a new way.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A week and a half ago, I had minor surgery to deal with a problem toenail. I've been unable to wear regular shoes on that foot, so wore a post-surgical sandal type thing I had that doesn't enclose the toes.

It has rained (or snowed on Mother's Day) at some point every day for two weeks. My grass was getting WAY too tall, so Friday after work I forced my foot into a shoe to mow the lawn out front. It took over and hour - usually takes 30 minutes tops. Saturday morning I went out to do the back about 10:30. It was sunny with blue skies, but to the west I could see clouds building over the mountains. First I had to clear up doggie doo-doo. Then I dug out dandelions that were blooming. Once I got mowing, the mower kept cutting out. I thought it was because the grass was so high and was damp and clogging up my mulching mower. I went to detach the spark plug before trying to clear grass out of the blades and discovered the connection to the spark plug was not tight. Fixed that and then continued to mow, very slowly. The back usually takes about 35 minutes - it took me over 90 minutes! By the time I finished, the clouds had moved in and covered the sky and 15 minutes later, it started to rain!

Today I saw some more dandelions blooming (the rotten things) and spent about 30 minutes attacking them. I had plants I purchased over a week ago that couldn't go in on Mother's Day due to the snow and temperatures going down to freezing, that needed to be planted. I'd usually be down on my hands and knees to do the planting, but my toe had started bleeding last night and I couldn't get myself up and down wearing that sandal thing, so I did planting and weeding from a standing position with tons of bending. NOT FUN! I was out in the yard doing all that for well over two hours, but I got most of the plants in and watered and filled a 5 gallon bucket twice with weeds and grass that needed to go.

I also did laundry and my sheets are in the dryer right now, ready to go on my bed. I need to make the bed as soon as I finish this. I am exhausted, need to soak my foot in warm water with epsom salts for a short time and put on a new dressing, then get to bed to read for 15-20 minutes before I sleep. That's my second ME time for today. This morning I filled the bird feeders and took my coffee and that paper out on the patio for a morning ME time. It will be time to go to work way too soon, so I better get that bed made. Sweet dreams to all!
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    Yikes! You were determined to get all of that done weren't you?! Your back must have been really sore from all of that bending over. I hope your toe heals soon.
    1490 days ago
    Kudos to you my friend! emoticon If anyone can soldier through it's YOU! I know what you mean with all the bending over gardening. I did some of it also this week and it's NOT so much fun. Finally pulled a stool over that's low to the ground and did some stool side digging. Much better! My little herb garden is loving it's new quarters...I need to think of something yummy to make with some of the fresh herbs.

    The squirrels are still doing antics to get the bird feed out of the feeders..those little rascals should be dare devils in a side show. Once the feed got emptied..only lasted about a week we had one determined little guy jump up on the outside window ledge, look into the house and start chattering.

    He was telling us his dinner tray was empty and it was time for a refill...really those guys are SOMETHING aren't they! emoticon Got to give them a blue ribbon for ingenuity!
    1490 days ago
    1490 days ago
    Phew! That made me tired! Well done! Hope your food improves quickly. emoticon
    1490 days ago
    Good for you. Find a way to make your gardening work! May your toe heal soon.
    1491 days ago
    Oh my!! That minor surgery seems to be having some major recovery issues!! Isn't it a shame how a tiny little thing like a toe can take what feels like forever to get over it? hehe Well, you sure showed it!! Sorry it just really didn't want in that shoe! I've known folks to take an OLD shoe and cut it to make extra room for the toe & it's dressing and then get on with it! You are a very brave soldier!! lol! What you did I'd have trouble doing on a good day without any toe issues! And yes, few would have found that spark plug problem like you did. Kudos!! Hope the toe behaves now and gets better real soon. (Hope you did all the bending over by bending the knees for good squats instead of bending at the hips! Hips are much nastier than toes when they are angry!)
    Hope you are having a most excellent day!! ((HUGS))
    1491 days ago
    That's a tough way to get more fitness in! I bet your back was really sore from all of that bending. Great job, though, finding the problem with the lawn mower - it is surprising how many people wouldn't have caught that. I hope your toe starts healing soon. Take care!
    1491 days ago
  • BA5454
    Hope the toe gets better--amazing how a small body part can cause so much trouble. Kudos to you for getting out there and I feel your pain with the bending over--yikes, not so sure I would be that dedicated! emoticon
    1491 days ago
    Wow, you are some determined gardener. Could you send some of that my way? I hope that you have a great sleep and that foot is back to normal soon.
    1491 days ago
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