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Goals BLC 28

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SMART Goals BLC 28

Specific: Increase my strength/stamina

Measurable: I will use heavier weights to measure my strength and I will use the perceived exertion scale.

Attainable: Definitely! I’m training a friend which gets me to the gym more often I am jogging more consistently.

Realistic: As long as I stay healthy there will not be a problem.

Timely: I take my personal trainer exam at the end of the month. Once that has been passed I will be able to increase my exercise time.

My nutrition goal is to get back to making dinner at least 5 nights a week. It is ok if this includes leftover nights. I also want to make some new recipes and get the kids involved. It’s almost summer break so this is the perfect time.

REWARDS: (in no specific order at the moment) (for passing my test, 4 days of ST for at least three weeks, jogging a 5k and then for each additional mile I can add to it)
1. New fitness gadget
2. Try a new class
3. Night out with hubby

Healthy Lifestyle Strength: Love for exercise and for water
Weakness: Sweets – I’m going to discover/try some new recipes for treats

Method for when I’m weak: Breath, breath and breath plus stretching. Go outside. Come to the Jungle.

Individual task that needs focus: My sweet fix
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