Mother's Day Weekend

Monday, May 11, 2015

Well, it went better than I expected. Did I eat some not great things? Sure. Did I overindulge? Maybe a little. But did I make some smart decisions as well? Yep.

The truth is, I was really nervous about telling my mother what was happening in my life. She was more supportive than I thought she would be, but there's always a fear that it won't be the case.

So, I did have some down moments. But I had some highs too.

I didn't order a donut with the kids when we stopped at our regular half-way point - Tim Horton's. I did have a couple Timbits later that weekend, but only about 4 over the whole weekend period.

When everyone else ate hamburgers and hot dogs at lunch on Saturday - I had a grilled chicken salad with lite vinegarette dressing. But I did have some potato salad too.

For breakfast I made everyone omelets with skim milk and some reduced fat cheese, some toast, and some bacon. Not all that bad. Better than the donut I did eat on Sunday.

I may have eaten that donut on Sunday. But I didn't have two like I was offered. I opted later for a roll with some peanut butter on it. Granted, it was Amish peanut butter, so super not great for me. But OMG, so good!

I didn't have pizza or Chinese in Ohio. I did, however, stop at Tom + Chee for my Mother's Day lunch before heading home. I had a snack size McFlurry later that night with a few fries. And I did have pizza last night after we got home and I had no energy left to cook.

What did I do that was positive?

- I didn't snack the whole time.
- I made healthy choices a few times when I could have made unhealthy ones.
- I walked A LOT.

We spent most of yesterday walking or driving. On our way out of town, we went to the Cinci Museum of Art and I walked around the entire 2 stories of galleries and even went down one flight of stairs. And then on the way back to WV we were passing by Serpent's Mound and I decided we should stop and see we did the little paved path around the mound there as well. And, of course, my stupid self forgot my Converse, so I was in flip flops all day. Grr. Well, I survived. I'm super sore today but I'm hoping after a day of rest that will pass.

I may need another chiro appointment.

This getting back into walking thing has been SO SLOW. I'm trying to not let that discourage me, because I am seeing progress. I want this to be long term and that's what I keep telling myself. So I make myself go slow and stop when I need it and not plan anything that's too wild along the way (Ethan wanted to do the 1/2 mile hike around the mound through the woods and I knew it wasn't a good idea...).

I still have no idea where I'm at weight wise. I may stop over and get a measurement tomorrow morning on my way into work. I'm really hoping this hard work and a lot of saying no (I just refused free chips and salsa in the break room) is going to help me out and make the weight drop. Every single pound counts. Every single decision counts.

One slow and steady step at a time.

That being said - I loved this weekend. It was calm and happy and there wasn't any real fighting that took place. My stepfather did start screaming at one point because he lost his laptop and the kids and I looked at each other and I said, "Well, we haven't been around that for a while..." I almost had to leave for a bit until he calmed down because my anxiety level was rising just being around the yelling.

I'm getting better.


It's not easy.
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