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I'm Cleared to Workout!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

I saw my surgeon yesterday and he cleared me to workout without restriction! I am still going to wait to start ST, because my arm is still sensitive, and I just don't feel like straining is smart with 2 fresh incisions. How did we celebrate this news? We bought me some new running shoes! I love how they look - they make me happy!

I hope my feet adjust to them. My feet are so sensitive that it makes getting new shoes difficult. I did run a mile this morning and started to have some pain, so I'm hoping that wearing them right now at work helps my feet adjust.

I am feeling a new wave of motivation. I'm ready to push and finally do what I've said all along and lose this weight - and keep it off! I need to knock out every excuse. I need to put myself first. It all starts today. emoticon

Over the next few days I will work on breaking my shoes in and getting short cardio workouts in. I am going to go for a 5k step streak. We will be out of town this weekend with some friends and I am not going to kid myself, there will be lots of drinking and eating whatever is available - but there will also be lots of walking. I will be able to keep the streak going while we are there. 5k steps is pretty easy for me most days, but it's the 2 days a week that I work 10+ hours that get me. But, if I make it a priority, I can still get out for a couple of quick walk breaks to make sure I meet my numbers.

So, I know it's a little late in the month, but it's time to get some goals in writing. Along with nailing down a workout schedule, I also want to work harder on taking some of the chores off of my hubby's plate so he can have more time to workout.


5k steps every day (starting 5/5) - 2/27
Ride my bike 2-3 times a week (starting 5/10) - 0/3 weeks
Stretch/foam roll for a minimum of 5 min each day (starting 5/6) - 1/27
Vacuum the house each week (starting 5/10) - 0/3 weeks
Clean bathrooms each week (starting 5/10) - 0/3 weeks
De-clutter the kitchen island and keep it that way
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