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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Your greatest challenges are your greatest gifts."

I eat A LOT. And most of the time it's mindlessly and habitual. Many times it's emotional, and sometimes it's really ugly.

Today I choose to embrace this challenge openly. This week I'll be I'll be playing around with three tools: Be Kind. Hunger Scale. 4 Types of Eating. My intention is to not change any behaviors, but to just notice and observe the way I already eat.

- Be Kind. Being kind to myself is absolutely non-negotiable. No beating myself up. No judgment. Just lots of curiosity about what's happening, why and the ripple effect.

- Hunger Scale. This is about getting to know what physical hunger feels like. I'm using a scale from -10 to +10 because I kind of only know starving-not hungry-full. A big range makes it feel like I'm not boxing myself in.

- 4 Types of Eating. This is a concept I learned from Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School. The types are Fuel, Joy, Fog, Storm. Fuel is eating with awareness and supports our nutrition and performance goals. Joy is exactly that - because it's fun and pleasurable! Fog is eating mindlessly and unconsciously. Storm is eating when you're not physically hungry, doing it anyway, feeling out of control, and/or using food to resist/avoid/numb feelings.

I know I'm not the only one, and I have as much to learn about this as anyone else. This is what Mindset and Movement is about: showing up, paying attention, DOING something to grow, and sharing it along the way.
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