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Saturday, April 25, 2015

So here is the blog, as promised, of my experience so far this month since I found out I'm pregnant. In case you missed the picture, here I am right after I took the test. So happy!

I actually felt it almost immediately. Those two weeks after I had the ovulation shot, I felt more tired than usual, randomly irritated at things, and even had a little bit of nausea from certain foods and smells. I was pretty convinced that I was pregnant, even though I hadn't taken the test yet. Suddenly, the day arrived, and I realized that I needed to prepare myself in case all my symptoms were psychosomatic. I kept saying to myself, "Nope, I'm not pregnant. Not pregnant." I just didn't want to be totally crushed if I got a negative result. Luckily, I didn't have to experience that, because I got a positive test that night, April Fool's Day, haha.

Since then, things have been pretty interesting. I've noticed that my workouts are quite a bit more tiring, so I have been really careful to listen to my body. If a workout makes me feel exhausted or not happy and accomplished, I discard it and find a new one. As far as emotions, I have had a bit of irritability, but even my husband has commented on how "level-headed" I've been, despite being a "bucket of hormones." I did have ONE crying argument with my husband which was probably exacerbated by my hormones, but at least it was an argument and not, like, crying over how he's handling the veggies or something (Reference:

I have also had a few days of pretty bad nausea, but no vomiting yet, knock on wood! I am very glad for that. For the most part, food has actually seemed to taste BETTER to me, so that's good. I eat things, and I'm like, "Wow! That was super yummy!" I've also been trying eat something every 2-3 hours, which I think has helped. And I also discovered that pickled ginger completely gets rid of any nausea that I have. So that's pretty awesome!

Forgetfulness has been a big one for me. "Pregnancy brain," they call it. It just kind of makes me laugh. Some days I'm really on top of things, and some days I'd forget my left foot if it wasn't attached. I know it'll pass, so I'm not super concerned with it.

One thing that's been kind of weird is that my stomach has become sort of bloated, which is common in early pregnancy because of the increase in progesterone. So sometimes my pants don't fit right, which is kind of weird for me. It's like, a little bit agitating to not fit my jeans, but at the same time I'm like, "I'm pregnant! Let there be a little muffin top, what the heck."

The even stranger part of this is I've actually lost a little bit of weight, despite not vomiting and despite eating maintenance calories pretty much every day. So I step on the scale, fully prepared for it to be up, and it's down instead. Super odd. I think my body is just using a bit more calories right now, so this coming week I'm going to try to get 150 extra calories in a day. We'll see how that goes. I REALLY don't want to go into diet mode again, even though my doctor says that I shouldn't worry too much about it. I understand that, right now, it shouldn't really hurt the little life inside me, but I would just rather keep my body happy.

Also, yesterday I had my first ultrasound. The doctor said that everything looks really good, so yay! It was CRAZY hearing that little "Chu-CHUNK, cha-CHUNK" of the heartbeat. She also gave me a due date of December 13th. So December's going to be pretty whack with our wedding anniversary on the 11th, plus Christmas of course. But, we knew this is what we were possibly signing up for when we decided to go ahead with the treatments, so we just shrug and say, "Oh well!" We'll deal with it. Life is rarely perfect, right? But that does mean I'll be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow. =)

The whole thing of telling people I'm pregnant has been interesting, as well. So far, only a handful of people know. So feel privileged, Sparkfriends! Haha, but anyway, we've so far told both sets of parents, plus I told my younger sister who I am very close with and an aunt who is like a second mother to me. Plus a few random people, such as my chiropractor and allergist, my yoga teacher, and Richard's boss (so he knows why Richard is asking for time off so often). Other than that and you guys, no one knows. My husband and I both have large families: I'm one of 5 kids, and he's one of 6. But we both feel like we really don't want to announce it to people who we don't consider our "support people." Just in case something unforeseen happens. We'll probably wait at least until 8 weeks to tell siblings, possibly longer. We'll see. Just being newly pregnant is a bit scary knowing that you're more likely to lose the baby randomly. And, unfortunately, it did happen to my sister, and she had some insensitive responses from a couple of our siblings, so that makes me hesitate, as well.

This has been driving my mother-in-law INSANE, though. She wears her heart on her sleeve more than any other person I know, and she is just dying to talk about it to my sister-in-law and grandma(-in-law?). I understand that this is exciting, but I just have a need to keep things as private as possible, ya know? And my husband is the same way. So hopefully she'll be able to hold it back at least for a little while longer.

I have also acquired a small stash of maternity clothes. Haha my mother-in-law apparently bought some for me when she found out we were trying, and my mom brought me a couple of things the last time I saw her. My aunt also noticed some cute maternity jeans at Goodwill that I bought, and my sister bought me a couple of things. So I have a feeling that clothes won't be too much of an issue. All of these ladies are total bargain hunters, so I just have a feeling that this won't be the end of it. And I'm okay with that! I'll take all the free or cheap clothes that I can get.

So, there ya have it. My month in a nutshell. Thoughts and prayers for our health and well-being are greatly appreciated. I'll take all the help I can get!
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    Woo woo - what an adventure you're going to take now. Congratulations!
    2214 days ago
    This is very exciting... Congrats! Sounds like you are handling everything so well. :) I am going to love following your blogs and remembering my preggo 10yrs ago. I hated the smell of cooked meat & opening cans of anything chicken. However, I ate PB&J like it was going out of style! Interesting enough my daughter doesn't like it very much. LOL.
    WTG on setting your boundaries and privacy. This is your show. This also comes in handy when people try to tell you how to care for your baby down the road. Everyone has advice. LOL
    2229 days ago
    I'd like to reiterate: I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! What a cool thing! You've been so patient and flexible, and now it's happening for you! I look forward to when it's my turn! :-)

    I'm SO proud of you for all of the little changes you are making to figure out how to fit everything into your everyday healthier lifestyle! That's REALLY hard to do. I'm sure it can get really tough with the whole pregnancy thing with all the hormones and stress it could put on you. You seem to be handling it very well and that's great!

    That IS odd that your weight would be going down! I guess the scale is just one of those funny things that isn't a true measure of WHO we are or what is really going on in our bodies.

    I DO FEEL HONORED that we know about your pregnancy! It's so exciting! I love that we get to follow you on this journey because I imagine once baby arrives... you'll have a new twist to work out on this journey and we'll get to support you on that part of the road too! That's why I love Sparkpeople! I love the support I get from you, and supporting you as well!

    I feel like I forgot to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm SO grateful for your friendship and your support through this! That thought you wrote about the fact I'm seeing muscle gain means I'm getting enough nutrition was very encouraging! I never thought about it like that. I guess that's another NSV I need to remember when I feel a little frustrated.

    ANYWAYS...SO PROUD OF YOU! Would love to hear more about your journey as you go's so cool to see all of this! Sending hugs!
    2239 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2240 days ago
    I love that picture. It makes me smile to see you smile. I'm glad no April Fools pranks on you!!!

    Definitely keep listening to your body. All this time has been a great big lesson on learning about your body and how to hear when it is telling you something is right or wrong.

    As far as hormones and crying, I wasn't TOO crazy (but I did tell you about the "YOU TOOK MY PIZZA!!!" meltdown, right?). Vince always said to me, "Your feelings are real, you feel this way for a reason, you are not crazy. Hormones or not, you do feel this way, you just might have a harder time bottling it up than you do normally." Somehow, thinking that way just made things so much easier. I only recall two major weird meltdowns, one was over pizza and one was over a really sad music video, I think Taylor Swift, lol. Anyways, just validate your feelings and work through them, it'll help make you less reactive to future things.

    Baby ultrasounds are so amazing. I could listen to that little heart thump all day. Strong, healthy, happy baby :)

    I think it is good that you are waiting if that is what you feel like is best for you. I don't think anyone will blame you for it. Miscarrying is a very intimate pain that you don't necessarily want to have to share with more than the few people around you. Anyways, enjoy and try not to be too anxious about it, you are already more than half way through first trimester! How cool is that? Pregnancy flies by crazy fast (although the last couple weeks can tend to drag on, waiting for that baby!).

    I am so excited for you, I have a little stack of clothes going in my car right now. Vince and I always get kind of pumped when we find some maternity stuff for you :)
    2240 days ago
    Woohoo - so exciting - congrats!!!!
    2240 days ago
    Congratulations !!
    Such a wonderful month and an exciting time ! Thanks for sharing.

    2240 days ago
    So excited!!! FYI: I've got a great comment for you but sparkpeople app limits characters :-) I'll post another tommorrow *hugs!*
    2241 days ago
    Congratulations! How exciting!
    2241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12183607
    I am so happy for you. Sounds like you are enjoying every moment as well you should. Such a blessing!
    2241 days ago
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