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Why???? I just don't get it anymore.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

OK. Maybe one of you has the answer....

These were my totals since Tuesday:

Tuesday totals: Calories: 1746 Carbs: 183 Fat: 71 Protein: 101 Fiber: 29
My Daily Goal: Calories: 2,495 - 2,845 Carbs: 135 - 252 Fat: 27 - 60 Protein: 60 - 136
Remaining: Calories: 749 - 1,099 Carbs: 0 - 69 0 Fat: 0 - 35 Protein: 0 - 6

Wednesday totals: Calories: 2,327 Carbs: 257 Fat: 93 Protein: 100 Fiber: 25
My Daily Goal: Calories: 2,308 - 2,658 Carbs: 135 - 25 Fat: 27 - 60 Protein: 60 - 136
Remaining: Calories: 0 - 331 Carbs: 0 Fat: 0 - 336 Protein: -0 - 10

On Tuesday I walked for 45 minutes in the morning and did a Zumba class at night.
Wednesday I did Pilates in the morning and did a Zumba class at night.
On both days I drank well over my recommended 8 cups of water and did not eat (much) over my Sodium recommendations. I have low blood pressure so I need to eat more Sodium than most, but I really try to balance it well.

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Honestly... I don't get it anymore. I really don't.
I am generally a positive person.
I really try.
When I eat at a restaurant I ALWAYS over-estimate the calories I eat because I know I have to.
I try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep nightly.
At my recent visit for my yearly check-up all my numbers and bloodwork came back great... so it's not my thyroid.
I weigh myself daily because it's better for me to see these crazy daily fluctuations rather than weighing myself weekly and just being baffled.
This is crazy so yes, I'm baffled, but I can't blame myself... It's really impossible to truly gain 4 pounds in two days.
I just don't know anymore.
I see all these people just "sticking with the program" and it working for them.
It just isn't working for ME.
I'm not giving up because this is a healthy way to live my life anyway.
I'm just moving toward accepting the fact that my body was not meant to weigh less than it does anymore...
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    I see fluctuations when I weigh daily. emoticon
    1428 days ago
  • PUGLOVER1999
    Go back and read your blog from last Friday. It was GREAT!

    Also, CYNTHIAMINUS40 had some good information. It's TRUE! Every time I start adding weight lifting to my walking, I gain at least two pounds (assuming I am still controlling my calorie intake) which I have learned is water retention due to something that happens to my body when I start lifting weights. (I don't do a LOT of weight lifting ... certainly not enough to gain two pounds of muscle in a day!)

    Also: scales are liars! One morning my husband's and my weights were up so high (3 pound for one of us, 8 pounds for the other) even though we had been careful about what we ate. We were convinced the bathroom scale was STUPID / BROKEN! He went that day to buy a new one. (Is "scale" singular or plural?! I've been meaning to check on that! :) :) ) The next morning, the old scale weighed us much lower ... where the weights should have been ... and the new scale was higher!

    Our bodies go through so many changes that we do not know or understand, we really should not pay daily attention to the scale.

    Having said all this, I confess to being a slave to the scale and allowing what it tells me to determine my mood for a while after I've stepped off it! Hate myself for that! I know I'm smarter than my bathroom scale!!!!!! I'm more honest, too! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1429 days ago
    Maybe you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday. Try once a week.
    1429 days ago
    sorry for the typos. I'm typing on a very small keyboard!
    1429 days ago
    My thought on this is the 4 pounds could not possible be fat and are most likely fluids. When we exercise, we first use up any available glucose followed by glycogen stores, which are small. Our bodies then prefer to break down fat for energy and, to avoid the breakdown of muscle tissue, it's important to consume adequate protein for muscle tissue repair.

    In looking at these numbers, I would suggest decreasing your carbohydrate grams and giving at a week or so before weighing again.

    I hope this helps. And, I from what I know of you - you will not give up until you find that formula that works for you!
    1429 days ago
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