April 2015 Update

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wow I haven't posted in here in a long time. Well, I started getting healthier beginning of September 2014. Since then, I've lost 50 lbs through some cardio and weight lifting along with keeping track of calories in while trying to get enough protein.

Weight Lifting Programs
I first did 12 weeks of Stronglifts. It's a simple program that focuses on squats, bench press, overhead press, pendlay rows and deadlifts. Saw some great strength increases as I hadn't lifted in years. In fact, I had never done a deadlift before so was super confidence boosting to go from not knowing how to lifting 200 lbs.

Right now I'm doing New Rules of Lifting for Women. I finished stage 1 and am almost done with stage 2. It has different lifts, depending on the stage, and most of the time a higher rep range than Stronglifts. It's fun but after I hope to get back to some of the main lifts and focusing on increasing numbers again.


At first I walked. Outside when I could and then treadmill inside for winter. I slowly moved away from doing cardio on lifting days though. Now I'm doing Couch to 5k training. My first fun run 5k is Neon Glow, which will be in the middle of June. It's nice and easy, no timing or anything plus have to wear neon and carry glow sticks. My goal is to try and jog the whole thing no matter how slow that jog may be.


I don't follow the cut things out approach. I eat things I like though do limit to a degree. I follow the general idea of if it fits your macros in that I try to keep within my calorie range for the day, eating some of what is burned being active, and I focus more on protein as it's a challenge to get .8-1 gram per lean mass. I eat candy several days a week, when it fits in my allowances. I do limit dairy to just a couple days a week but that's more an allergy thing than a fitness related one.


I cut way back on this. The fitness focus and working has made writing and editing take less of a priority but i'm working on it. Editing today, in fact, and still hope to submit to agents this summer for the YA sci-fi novel. I want to write more YA this summer too.

Doing lots of things. I have a wedding (my stepsister's) in late fall to attend. Will be fun as the trip means seeing other family as well and many of them haven't seen me since I weighed over 200.

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