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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I have fun with the Calorie Burn Calculator . It measures everyday activity. Works great when you are trying to increase your Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Being disabled I am very limited in the type of exercises I can do. I have gotten where I can walk about 2 miles, but not all at once. Still pretty good for someone who was told she would never be out of a wheel chair. Right now as I build my body strength up I am increasing my NEAT. I am trying to burn 4000 calories a day with extra housework and home activities. Since I only eat between 3000-4000 calories a day You think I would lose weight more quickly, but it is a slow struggle.

Here is some of the things I found I do in a day.
Sleep 8 hours= 921 Kcal.
sit and read 5 hours+ 658
Brush teeth 10 minutes= 52
Shopping 1 hr.= 296
Driving 1 hr.= 263
Washing dishes 30 min.= 140
Showering 30 min.= 263
Laundry 60 min.= 263
Housework 60 min.= 362
Dusting or polishing furniture 60 min.= 296
Cooking 60 min.= 329
If I did all these things in one day I would have burned 3841 calories. Of course this is based on MY WEIGHT, AGE, HEIGHT, AND GENDERR.
SO check it out for yourself.

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