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Monday, April 13, 2015

good morning! well we had a wonderful weekend--hope you did too. Saturday we had breakfast at our usual spot, then we went up to the furniture store. I have been kind of shopping for a new couch--the one we bought recently has not lasted well--very disappointing. haven't been seriously shopping, just kind of browsing to see what's out there--basically nothing that blew my skirt up in the least way. then last week after the grocery store I stopped by a furniture place--a mom and pop place that has been around forever--very well known for their quality.
I admit it--I am a furniture snob. I DETEST shoddy workmanship and poor design in anything, but especially furniture. don't really care about labels--but I don't like spending my hard won money on junk.
so I am drifting around this store--the salesman was very nice and left me alone, and I rounded a corner and saw. this. sofa.
it was small. it was low. the lines were perfectly clean. the configuration (2 sofa sections and a chaise on the right hand side) were exactly what I was looking for. sat down in it. wow. super comfy. beautiful uncluttered lines, skillfully done upholstery (leather).
looked at the price tag and promptly had a seizure. I had (as usual) unerringly chosen one of the most expensive single pieces in the store.
so as I was slipping out the door, the salesman approached again, and since I was curious I asked.
stressless by ekornes of Norway. never heard of them.
so he begins to tell me about the sofa.
frame is solid rolled industrial steel. no welds. special system in each couch seat completely isolates it from the seat beside it (to prove this he had me sit down and then FLUNG himself into the seat beside me. I felt nothing at all). the seats also move when you sit--essentially it reclines a little when you sit, but flattens itself out if you lay down on it. the arms detach so you can separate the chaise from the system, put the chaise arm on the couch and then you have a loveseat and a chaise. the bolster neck supports are adjustable and detachable in a most ingenious way. I was intrigued. he gave me a book about the furniture and sent me on my way.
told rob about them and he was interested. so Saturday we went and he sat on the couch and had about the same reaction I did. then the salesman showed us the chairs. stressless is known for their chairs--beautifully designed pieces that were developed by back specialists. they are not just chairs--they are designed specifically to improve the health of your back. then the salesman told me about HIS back. he had been in a car accident that crushed his lower spine. to this day he sits down very little--eats standing up and remains standing for most of the day. he sleeps in one of these chairs--they are also designed to function as beds for back injury people. end result? we spent quite awhile sitting in all the chairs--he told us that you just have to sit in each one until you find the one that fits you. he observed us as we sat down and told us when we were in the one that "fit" us correctly. and here is the miraculous thing--their chairs all come in "small, medium and large"!!!
the small size fit me perfectly--something that almost never happens. rob fit in the mediums--and since we only have room for one, I let him pick the one he liked the best. the one he chose is a new model that has these kind of slouchy cushions on it. the salesman (bob) showed us how the cushions all come off and open up--so if you need extra padding for some reason (more lumbar support if you hurt your back for example) you just open the back and put it in. brilliant. these chairs have a "sleep mode". if you want to sleep, you lean back (they recline by themselves unless you lock them--then they don't move) take hold of the headrest and pull forward. it then relaxes back into a natural sleeping position. feet up on the ottoman--which is also specifically designed for each chair and comes with the chair--and you're off to dreamland.
so after all this I decided to bite the bullet and use some of my inheritance money to buy the sofa and chair. chose a lovely stone gray leather (because our sofa will sit right in front of a south facing window bob advised leather). this will be a huge stylistic departure for us--we have always been pretty traditional--but I have always yearned for scandanavian looking furniture and now we will have some. and it allows me to bring my mother's beautiful coffee table (round rattan base and hand carved brass tray top) into the room.
and bob told me this is of a quality that it's the last sofa we will ever buy. I intend to hold him to that!
so home and time to start working. our Saturday project was to disassemble this little storage shed so we can move it. that actually went quicker than we thought--and right towards the end of the demolition blackie and mary ann stopped by. mary ann wanted an outing and blackie wanted to come see the new tractor. so he and rob talked man stuff while mary ann and I sat in the shady barn and drank iced tea and visited. they didn't stay long--mary ann is still getting her strength back after her open heart. we finished up the job except for the wooden base and called it a day.
sunday we started early--dogs to the park, a smoothie from Panera and then home to make a batch of dog treats and finish up the building demolition. the wooden base was cut up, salvaged and sorted. my heart leaps every time I look at the spot where that building was--it will be so much better when we get it to its new home.
then on to leaves. we raked out and chopped leaves from the back yard, the train bed and all around it. chopped leaves went on one daylily row--so that row is all mulched now. then we tackled the mammoth pile of mulch the neighbor dropped off. each year they bring me their autumn leaves--but they are all oak and mixed so heavily with pine needles I can't use them in the flower beds. but they make wonderful mulch for the pathways. but it is heavy and very hard to move because the pine needles sort of weave together into a kind of matrix and you don't just rake it up--you have to move CHUNKS of it. Kubota to the rescue. rob in a moment of genius figured out a terrific way to deliver it where we needed it, and with some raking, kicking and all manner of persuading to get the stuff into the loader, we got the job done. took a good hour to get it all done, but its DONE. and that whole area is buried under a weed suppressing blanket of mulch now. the train bed is cleaned out, revealing the massive extent of the weeds, but its all stuff the hens will enjoy, so its not such a bad thing.
we had "clean out the frig" stir fry for dinner--shrimp, brown rice and a bunch of veggies.
and this morning I got on the scale --2 pounds down the first week. a great result for me!
have a lovely day!
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    The sofa and chair sound lovely!! So glad you decided to get them!
    1669 days ago
    Can you loan me some of your energy???;o)
    1675 days ago
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