friday--new tractor RULES!

Friday, April 10, 2015

good morning. I love our new tractor. seriously. Patrick and I recently talked about decorating it with lights and using the bucket for iced beer and the backhoe bucket as a punch bowl. put it in the yard for the Christmas party. you could even hang wine glasses from the backhoe teeth. that thing is the greatest time saver I think we have ever spent money on, so why shouldn't we invite it to the Christmas party???
last night after dinner, rob and I went out and raked the front bed along the road. this is a very long bed that's about 4 ft. wide and fills each year with oak leaves. oak leaves are too thick to leave in place so we have to clean the beds out--which means hand pulling all the flower stems and sticks that are poking up and then raking and hauling everything away. usually this job takes me 3 or 4 days to do. last night in 90 minutes we completed about 95% of the job. rob took the trimmer and cut back the grasses, then we raked and raked and got all the junk cleaned out. now we are standing with huge piles of leaves and sticks that have to be loaded and hauled away--which usually means picking them up and jamming them into our little tractor wagon. but this year, KUBOTA MAN came to the rescue. rob brought the tractor up and pushed the loader bucket up to each pile and using a rake I forced all the detritus into the bucket. he then hauled each bucketload back to the brush pile and because of the ability to raise the bucket dumped it all on TOP of the pile, rather than me just flinging it with all my strength against the side of the pile--so we get a continually widening pile of brush.
it never occurred to me that I needed a diesel powered dustpan for my yard--but I know that I do now! what a huge amazing help! so far we have chipped up an entire small brush pile, removed the massive stump and refilled the hole, and now we have used it to slash the time it takes to clean out the flower beds. not sure what we will use it for next, but I am considering either bringing about world peace or solving the meaning of life.
maybe just moving the henhouse! have a great day!
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