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The move and more

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

So I've moved to Texas, yep this city girl is now in the country and LOVING IT!!!! It was a spur of the moment deal. My son was looking for work making good money so he could save and get his residence card for Canada and stay with his girlfriend. My DD referred him to which DS told us about which of course DH checked out. Well in less than a week he put in 16 or so applications, had 5 or 6 requests for phone interviews and before we knew it he had 2 offers and we were deciding what to do.

Well since I'd quit my job in February and was only working 6 to 7 hours per week we were in danger of losing our residence so we opted to take the 2nd offer because it originally would have put us SW of San Antonio and with in 2 weeks DH quit his local job and got on the greyhound to Dallas for orientation and then on to Stockdale to start our new adventure.

I worked to sell as much stuff as I could to reduce storage/moving costs and worked part time at DQ decorating cake. Why did I quit my full time job, well there was a mistake made for which I apologized for however the lead baker continued to behave in a childish fashion and blatantly ignored me. When I inquired with the manager on duty at the time about the potential of a write up given the new standards and he was unsure but agreed it was likely. So I said I'll safe you the time, paper and ink and quit. I wrote a note for the lead baker advising where I'd left off in my tasks, I went to change and turned in my hat, cravat, name tag, cut glove and left without looking back. I had no plan but I knew I wasn't going to be unhappy in my job any more. I'd spent too many years going to my old office job and not wanting to be there and I flat out refuse to do that any more. I started applying for jobs as they came up on craigslist and found the decorating job for which I interviewed and was offered the following day. I loved it, I went in, made frosting, filled the case, took inventory, decorated and left. No one bothered me at all. I tried to find my replacement but sadly no one was interested but he did find one after I told him.

Now I'm in Stockdale, TX, just se of San Antonio and loving it. No frigid cold; no morning frost; no risk of slipping on the ice. Yep, money is super tight but we'll make it work being its just the two of us and the dog. I have time and the ability to stream my Beachbody workouts; I can working on listening to personal development books and videos via youtube, I can chat with any and everyone during the day via facebook, or yahoo or Hotmail or text or a phone call plus I can enjoy the sun, walk the dog and so much more. The little cabin includes all the furniture, most of the dishes, laundry, direct tv and is 2 blocks from the town grocery store. Its quiet, no school or city busses constantly going by; no loud mouth people making a scene on the street; no one running or screeching to a stop at the 4 way stop. Just sun, birds, a mole or 3 in our yard, some other dogs and fresh air.

This city girl is loving country life at this point.

Bonus material: I've been following Les Mills Combat for 2 months and just started streaming Insanity with Shaun T via beachbody on demand and I found that while I don't know my weight I'm down a total of 12 inches between my chest, waist and hips with the greatest amounts being from the latter 2, woo hoo!!!!!

How are you?
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