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30 reasons why you are my best friend

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I've been reading a lot of these lists lately that highlight the many reasons why something or someone is something or someway. You know what I am talking about--usually in the form of a Buzzfeed or some other random article. So, I've decided to write one of my own.

THE 25 REASONS WHY YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND. (And I wrote this for a certain bff who knows who she is)

1. You understand me emoticon

No matter what is going on in my world, you just seem to understand me. You get me. You get me like no one else has ever gotten me. And when you dont, you try to understand me. It's all those late night chats and school sessions where we learned to know about one anther in a way that only WE would ever really get.

2. You know how to listen emoticon

You have incredible listening skills. Not just to hear what is being said, but what is not being said and how to address those pieces. Sometimes, you just listen and let me vent. Sometimes you would just let me process. Days you would just let me cry. And all the while, I was doing the same for you. We were slowly becoming each others lifelines.

3. You know how to put me in my place, the right way emoticon

Days when I am being totally ridiculous and cannot be tamed, you are the only one who is able to talk some realistic sense into me. I always know when I am in my own world of despair, that you will be the reasonable voice and rational thinking that I need!

4. You always have my back emoticon

Derby wives forever. No one hurts you, no one hurts me. No matter what happens, we stick together. We've always supported each other and no matter if we are right or wrong, WE will always stand behind one another. No one puts baby in a corner (without dealing with me first).

5. We have the best of times doing the most random things emoticon

Oh Gabes run. Big Lots. Walmart. WHO HAS FUN GOING TO THESE PLACES....we do :)

6. We have our own language because we are just that in-tune with each other emoticon

The looks we can give one another and know EXACTLY what the other is thinking. I believe we have some kind of ESP or something!

7. We love the same things emoticon

Peanut butter. Protein shakes. FRO-YO. My homemade chili. Banana choc chip cookies. Oreo truffles. Dunkin. The list goes on...

8. You take my advice, and give the most genuine advice yourself emoticon

There is nothing else to add here other than I know we can always count on each other to be a reasonable voice or sounding board when needed.

9. If I ever really needed you, at any time of the night, I know you would be there emoticon

Hello 3 am texts: "Are you awake" or "Up?"

10. We help make each other better and grow emoticon

We motivate each other. We would make the best swolemates. We help each other to be better people, always

11. We can be total goofs with one another, no shame emoticon

The multitude of random things we do that make life so stupid funny. The stories. The jokes. The random trips. The laughs. Never gets old!

12. We can make even the most boring tasks a great time emoticon

Hello PhD and schoolwork. BLAH!

13. You always laugh with me emoticon

Everything is funny when we are together. We laugh a little harder, smile a little bigger, and just truly enjoy all that is life!

14. We can cry around one another emoticon

Oh, the tears have been shed between us. And that level of comfort is a rare gift to have between two people.

15. We can share each others clothes emoticon

Well, you own like a third of my wardrobe. But it is always great to be able to share the outfits with your bestie. We may not always rock the same style, but with most things, we can make it fit!

16. We're never afraid to be honest with each other emoticon

To always tell the truth. Never been scared to be honest about the deepest, darkest depths of our beings.

17. We can always get each other out of our bad moods emoticon

Mini MMs, caramel apples, malleys chocolates, dunkin, going out for a spin, taking a break. We know how to kill the funk. :)

18. We motivate each other emoticon

LIFT HEAVY. SKATE FASTER. WORDS ON PAPER. We always know how to make each other do more. Do better. Be better.

19. You've seen me at my worst and you still love me emoticon

Oh, we will just say "Neil" and leave that right here.

20. We can be together for days and not get sick of each other emoticon

Our time is always just random fun. Whether it is sitting on the coach watching netflix or doing schoolwork for hours on end, I never get sick of having you around.

21. You help me out whenever I need it emoticon

Moving. enough said.

22. You let me vent and help me plan a resolve emoticon

Whenever I am frustrated. Hello Tim. I am able to vent to you about it and you can vent to me, usually about the derbs, but we always manage to chat it out then plan how to move forward.

23. You seem to know what is good for me, sometimes more than I do emoticon

Tim. Neil. Conrad. I can make a list easily.

24. You can always cheer me up emoticon

The random notes, the random visits, the coffees, the texts, the emojis, you always know how to make me smile after a really rough day!

25. Jealousy is not part of our friendship. We may be jealous of others around us, but never of each other emoticon

No need to elaborate.

26. You can always tell my moods, I don't even have to say it emoticon

I know I wear my heart on my sleeve but you can actually read my faces, when I lift a brow, or the smirk I have on my face. It's a rare talent.

27. We never fight emoticon

Not with each other. We may have to be working at putting out fires, but we dont fight.

28. We believe that we both deserve the best in life emoticon

Happiness always. We dont want to see each other settle for anything less than the best and less than what we deserve.

29. We eat the same foods emoticon

Oh, I mentioned this above but we are like the same person.

30. We just understand one another like no one else ever will.... emoticon

We have been through so much. We get each other on a level that no one else does or ever will. We have seen obstacles and overcome them. WE have survived challenge and change and moving and relationships and family drama. We have been there for each other through some really tricky times and managed to come out on top, with the love and support of each other. We get each other in a really wonderful way!
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