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10 Reasons

Friday, March 27, 2015

I have an assignment for one of the Challenge groups I'm in and that is to write down 10 reasons I want to lose weight. So here are my reasons in no defined order....

1) Self Confidence.....I want this back. Losing weight won't give this to me automatically. However as I get stronger and the more workouts I complete that is what is giving me this back!
2) Accountability....I want to make the commitment and stick to it. I want to be accountable for what I put into my body and the workouts that I am doing to help make a healthier me.
3) Family....I want to have my family to have me around for years and years. I want to be healthy so that I can keep up with them.
4) Smaller clothes.....I'm tired of not being able to find things at stores. I want the days back that I could walk into any store and they had my size.
5) Smaller Thighs....The summers here in Philly are horrible with humidity. I would love to be able to not have my thighs rub so much that they leave a rash. Its horrible and I hate it!
6) Get my Sexy Back....I put off being "close" with my husband because I do not have that sexy feeling right now. While it is slowly coming back it is not where it used to be. I want to be able to have that feeling back, it is slowly coming back and I know that with the loss of more inches and weight it will be back in full!
7) ME.....I want to lose weight for ME. Because I am the most important person to many others, but I'm also the only ME that I have. I want to prove to myself that I can do this, that I can bring back the person that I was...only a stronger and healthier version of her.
8) Cori....I want to lose weight because my BFF and I are going to the tropics in a few years and her and I have vowed to be at "tip top" condition. Plus she is looking so FAB and I need to catch the heck up!
9) No more Lies....I'm too darn young to have some of the problems in my back, knees, ankles and now feet. I have these aches and pains because I am over weight. I tell myself that I look smaller than I really am so that balances out my weight. However that is a lie.....a size 16/14 is big no matter how you look at it and for my tiny frame it is TOO much. I'm too young and have too much life in front of me to continue to lie to myself.
10) Wildwood....I want to look amazing this year when my family is at the shore for the last week of the summer. I see pictures from last summer and want to cry because while I see the inner beauty and light I also see the extra weight that I was hiding behind still. I WANT TO LOOK AS AMAZING AS I FEEL!

Bottom line.....I CAN DO THIS!!!
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