BLC 27: Reflections

Monday, March 23, 2015

This round of the BLC will end on April 8. Tonight I’ve been thinking back over the past 10 weeks and how far I’ve come.

It’s amazing, really. I’ve been on several wonderful teams in the BLC over the years. I’ve made amazing friends and have learned from many people. However, in this particular round I seem to have met someone new: Me.

This time things have clicked in a way they’ve never clicked before. I’ve worked so hard to meet my goals. My goals have changed just a bit since the beginning of this round, but in particular, I’m almost at my goal weight for the round. That has never happened before! I’m excited and pleased to see the scale reflect how I’ve eaten and the workouts I’ve done.

I haven’t met my 10-minute mile running goal yet, but I have gotten in the 30 runs. I’ve made it to 40 bootcamps, I think, but more importantly, I’ve learned to create my own routines to workout at home. Tomorrow I’ll begin working out one-on-one with my trainer in addition to camps, so I feel great about that. I haven’t been eating mindfully without distraction because let’s face it: I really like to read while I eat. It’s like a conversation with a maybe it’s more like eating with a friend than being distracted…(a stretch, I know). I’m pretty sure I’ve done at least 70 days of modified Paleo. I’ll have to see if I make it to the 700,000 steps goal...I think I’m close if not there.

During the break between rounds, I plan to put my scale away and focus on strength and nutrition. I’d like to see how I do when I’m not watching the scale...
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