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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

well shucks ya'll. I come to SP to track my food and read - but I just don't know what to say. It feels like my days just keep passing me by here.

Meninjitis is YUCK. It takes FOREVER to feel better. My IVs seem to flow all day and night. The infectious disease ppl were very happy with the latest MRI but wanted to continue the IV meds for another 4 weeks and then want to do another MRI in April (which will be a few days after the IV meds stop - Im sure they wanna see what happens in my noggin when the IV goes away. Me too honestly.

Then of course, there is the hearing test. Please please let me start hearing again. I think I am - weird things like... kids outside - the dishwasher - the fan on the laptop - I couldn't hear those before... and I think its getting better.

The Endocrine is going to manage the diabetes and thyroid. I've been wanting to see an endocrine dr instead of internal general. They took a bunch of blood (thank you pick line btw) and then gave me the shock of my life....

WE couldn't get an A1C reading because of your transfusion.

My what?

Yeah apparently I had two units of blood during my brain surgery. And no one bothered to tell me that.

Did you know they cant get an A1c reading after that? Yeah I didn't either.

Does that explain my insanely high blood sugar. WEll maybe. But truthfully - everything tasted like YUK after surgery - and then hubby kept trying to get me things to eat and normally leaned towards the bread and sugar.... If you look at my meter, my average for 7 14 and 21 days are all over 200.

So the endo dr says - check your eating and come back in a month. Write down your blood sugars. Gives me the ugliest book in the world to write them in. GAWD that just wont do. I wish they made CUTE books to put your glucose readings in.

Besides that - she didn't give me any of the "diabetic literature to read"... Of course, come on now - I just gotta curb the carbs and sugar... weed them outa my diet and my brain... and get out the atkins book and do a FRESH OVER ... cuz lets face it. I know the drill. well for the diabetes anyway.

The Dizzyness is really on my nerves.

I mean - really yer gonna get dizzy from stretching in the bed? I didn't even get up? And then the Dr told me I could start walking right? So the first time was great.. the 2nd time I was like.. fixing to fall on my face when I got back home. THen the other day - I was so happy I thought lets see what happens if I try to run. At first I was ok (hubby was holding my hand so that the cars didn't run me over) then I tried to RUN. Duuuuuuuuuude. It so didn't work. Good lawd have mercy.. the whole world was jumping up and down - and I trulythought I was gonna hurl right there in the street. Yeah Im not there yet. But I tried.

I'll get there!

Meanwhile - its a week to purge the junk and start making better decisions. Not perfect cuz that just makes me angry and grumpy. I'll tell ya a secret tho.

When Im hungry - and cant eat or don't know what to eat... I find myself wanting a cigarette. I know I know.. its been four months. I shouldn't. But I actually do. I literally caught myself reaching for a cigg. And it wasn't there. very weird. Even working from home makes me frantic... cuz I wanna get so much done - theres so much to do - Im so used to being the "superstar" of getting things done. And right now I end the day most of the time aggravated that it didn't get all done. And I cant get any overtime since Im working from home either. frustrating.

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    You're hanging in there still. I'm glad you're on the road to recovery no matter how bumpy. Perhaps you could design and market a couple cute books to track your blood sugar. Many people prefer not to use an app or track online. I have to believe a good portion of those agree with you that they would like an attractive alternative.
    1946 days ago

    The fact that you're still going, still trying, still planning, still hoping, is emoticon
    2290 days ago
    You certainly have had a hard time of it and are lucky you lived. It will take a while to get back to normal. Sending hugs and prayers for you. emoticon
    2290 days ago
  • no profile photo RITAROSE
    I can hear the frustration in your blog and totally understand that. Glad you were able to blog about it as I believe that helps you process what you're going through. I pray that little by little you are able to be encouraged by your progress!! What a difficult journey!
    Keep heading in the right direction! emoticon
    2290 days ago
  • MRTHING2000
    I'm not an endocrinologist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

    Yep, the A1C is a measure of residual sugar in your blood--YOUR blood. So a couple of units would not be 'your blood' and likely the number would be unreliable--probably read lower than it is, assuming the donor wasn't diabetic. On average the Red Blood Cells self-destruct and replace around 90 days, so it won't be fully 'your blood' for about then, which is probably the earliest I'd expect them to take a A1C. More reliable would be to take it well after 90 days, and particularly 90 days post-IVs.

    But the A1C is probably jacked up anyway due to steroids and other meds and IV feedings you've had to date--especially if the IVs have dextrose (D5). That would be like a sugar line directly into the system. So I'd assume it is sky high, and will be until its been several months (like 3-4) post-IVs.

    Best thing to do is to regulate the sugar as it reads on the meter at your regular test intervals. At least keep ahead of the sugars well, and the A1C 'should' fall with it. But it will most likely be a big headache as the IVs probably have glucose/dextrose in them (or maybe they don't, but others did or will). So it will be a chasing game to get the sugars down. And after the IVs taper off and are completely gone, you'll probably notice having to dose less insulin since there isn't sugar coming in via IV.

    Depending on how it was done, the IVs you had in the hospital may have had insulin in them. And they may have accu-checked you a lot and regulated it well without your knowing. That's good. So keep it in check now and you'll be in much better shape soon, and the level will likely fall with it.

    We're pulling for ya! Glad to see you're back.
    2290 days ago
    I can't begin to imagine your total frustration, but I can come sorta close. I was always the superstar on my job and when I got to about 65-66 years old my brain started to slow down and sometimes misfire. We keep trying to be so perfect. Maybe god just wants us to slow down and accept our value for who we are - intrinsically - on the inside. Other people accept us but sometimes we don't accept ourselves. We can feel like the eagle screaming on the poster "I want patience and I want it now!"

    Breathe. Rest. Heal. Life runs on God's time, not ours. And ultimately you may be able to pick up and do all the things you did before. And then maybe you'll do them with more appreciation for your body and the person inside it.

    One day at a time...
    2290 days ago
    I know a lady who quit smoking about 8 years ago and she still reaches or thinks of having a cigarette. Once an experience occurs, it's in your brain for life. You sure a trooper and you have your sense of humor about yourself. You're finding strength from somewhere. Keep us posted as you have been. I know this sounds not nice, but we can live this experience through your eyes!!
    2290 days ago
    That is a lot to handle! Good for you for getting out for walks. Just keep working on the walks until you are more steady again. Also, good for your hearing coming back a little. Hope everything else improves and you get on top of the blood sugar! emoticon
    2290 days ago
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