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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time to buckle down and get back on track with the all-important numbers game:

Nutrition tracking and weighing in.

Yes it's been another round of ostrich since the holidays and I've totally dropped my nutrition tracking and weigh-ins. After reviewing my pattern over the past year I'm not too unhappy. My yo-yo's have swung MUCH more widely in the past, but over this past year its been around a 10 pound swing between 207 and 218. I'm feeling kind of mixed about this: proud of being able to intuitively hold my own and avoid any serious nose-dive, but cautious as obviously I'm not able to be totally successful with intuitive eating and I really DO need to pay attention to the numbers.

The fit of my clothes was knocking at my door recently saying "hello! we're still fitting, but yanno, those extra pounds are making things a tad snug around here..." Thank goodness for the pay-off of ditching baggy, oversized clothes...it's such a relief when certain fail-safes that I've built into my lifestyle come back and save the day!

I know I don't feel comfortable at my current weight (217), felt better at 207-210, so it's back to the numbers I go! Still unsure as yet to deciding that slippery number of what my "goal weight" will be.

Perhaps this time I can lock them in as well as I've locked in my physical activity and tracking, a habit which has me ever-so-grateful!

It's looking like spring has sprung around here...put away the cross country skis till next year. Tackled my first yoga class, which has me again looking at my terrible sense of balance and thinking about possibly focusing on this so that I can improve my cross country skiing confidence next year.

Got out to enjoy a hot, hot, HOT salsa band last Friday...such crackling energy to soak up and enjoy movin' to the groovin'!

Sunday was my outdoor fix breaking out the Nordic Poles for a beautiful, sunny walk along the river with intervals of jogging and excellent tunes powering me along.

I'll probably start transitioning into jogging before too long to prepare for my one & only 5K coming up in early May and THEN?

It'll be all about the BIKE and hitting the wide open roads!

How about it folks, are you all getting psyched and SPARKED with awesome plans for the good weather nipping at our heels?

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    You, know it's all about that BIKE, bout that BIKE, no trouble.....
    1502 days ago
    Spring is springing here, too. Always an encouragement to get out in it and walk, run, ride. I"m with you. Also on the tracking. I've been very sporadic since I got back from the States two weeks ago. It's time!
    1504 days ago
    HA . . . . sounds like your clothes have the same conversation with you as mine do with me!
    1504 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Good on you for having an early warning system of clothes tightening! Because of my bad hands, I have been forced to wear loose baggy clothing for ease of dressing. My nice fitted fashionable clothing with the finicky buttons and snaps are in a box at my Mom's place :-( So I continue to rely on the numbers and there is nothing wrong with that.
    Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking yoga is an excellent move -nothing like being a well rounded athlete. I have poor balance too and need to work on it. Some of my online videos have balance moves and I am usually hanging onto a chair for dear life or hopping around on one leg trying not to fall. Not a pretty sight. Also as we get older, stretching should be mandatory to keep us limbered up and at our maximum range of motion. It makes us less prone to injury.
    How cool getting to groove to a salsa! I am looking forward to The Chickadees (they have a website with a couple of video clips) playing at a New Orleans themed café. One member plays the accordion, another the banjo, kind of like bluegrass type feeling
    Spring is making a false appearance here, but its too early for our usual seasons. We don't expect it to last, winter will give us one last blast. All this is doing is making it tough to get out, making the trails into slushy ice and the sidewalks coated with black ice from the lawn melt off. No sun today so not a big melt.
    Love the variety in your workouts -keep up the great work!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I am SO with you on the weather thing. It is 54 and sunny today in NORTHERN MI...UNHEARD of! YES I also have spring fever! And MOST of our snow is GONE!

    Now, I am SO glad you are back on track and getting back to what is right for you. ALWAYS listen to the CLOTHES....they don't LIE!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    This is my first week of "official" training for my Olympic-distance triathlon Labor Day weekend. It's motivating knowing someone other than me is reviewing my workouts. I still have permission to throttle back or skip a workout if that's what my body needs, but having to justify that decision to a coach who does not live in my head makes a difference!
    1505 days ago
    Once I get past this current crud... I'm all over the nicer weather! Outdoors and active is where it's at this time of year.
    1505 days ago
    Feeling early onset spring fever here too!!

    And: gotta say what much as I'd like to be an intuitive eater, I'm pretty sure it's never going to happen.
    1505 days ago
    So Sparked! The time change has really got me fired up and it is looking like this is going to be the summer that we get kayaks of our own now that we have a garage to put them in. HOORAY!!!
    1505 days ago
    I sooooo need a dance fix! Wish my man were into it. Well, I've got lots of girlfriends!
    It's melting fast here and time to put away the snow shoes I think...but in these times of climate change you just never know what will happen next!
    1505 days ago
    I'm right with you and feeling Sparked! I have been slipping and sliding since Super Bowl Sunday, but now that vacations are done with and spring is in the air I am ready to get back to crunching those numbers too.

    Let's keep it going emoticon
    1505 days ago
    Nutritional tracking is one of the hardest things to do consistently. Yet research tells us it's the most important tool we have in weight control. This spring I need to get back to tracking food each and every day.
    You have loved your bike for years, it's nice to see that the feeling is still there! I am looking forward to swimming at the cottage in the not too distant future!
    1505 days ago
  • KANOE10
    You are getting ready for spring! I love salsa music. I am doing the same..Tightening up the numbers and working on going down a few pounds that I want off. yes, your clothes do talk to you and say this does not feel quite optimum. Good for you holding steady within 10 pounds. I am a yoga lover and also use it to improve my balance. Have a great rest of March!
    1505 days ago
    It is just so darn easy to fall back into old habits, Don. I am so glad that you are keeping a close eye on yourself...and so glad your clothes had that conversation with you!
    1505 days ago
    I'm glad you're getting back into the habit. It can be time consuming, but it really helps. The salsa band sounds like fun! Happy training.
    1505 days ago
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