Creating a weekly calorie deficit

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is how I lost 40lbs back in 2010 and how I plan to do it again! In case you aren't familiar with creating a calorie deficit, the first thing to know is that 3,500 calories = one pound. I have always liked to aim for a 7,000cal deficit each week to lose 2lbs at every weekly weigh in. Keep in mind, that doesn't ALWAYS happen, but that's what I personally like to aim for. You must find your own personal BMR first. I have always used this BMR calculator online: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/
bmr-calculator/ Once you have that number, you plug it into the Harris Benedict Equation to find the number of daily calories you should consume to MAINTAIN your current weight. You can find that formula here: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/
dict-equation/ Now that you have that magic number, you just need to do some basic math. For example, I need to consume 2521 calories each day if I want to maintain my current weight. Guess what? I don't. I do not want to maintain this weight AT ALL! I want to create a weekly deficit of 7,000 calories. So what do I do? I multiply that 2521 calories by 7 in order to find how many calories I should consume in an entire week to maintain my current 193lbs. That number happens to be 17,644. 17,644 - 7,000 = 10,644 (simple enough, right?) So in order to lose 2lbs each week, I should consume 10,644 calories - which breaks down to 1521 calories per day. (keep in mind this is based on a moderately active lifestyle since I am currently doing a daily exercise program) Whew! That's a lot of numbers for my brain. BUT this is what worked for me in the past, so I'm hoping it will again. Thanks to POISONGIRL999 for mentioning calorie deficits in her daily blog and reminding me about it! I also found that calorie cycling is very beneficial - but for now, I'll just aim for the deficit. PS Remember that food hangover I blogged about this morning? Yeah, that's still lingering. I'm about to just force myself to do my PIYO and suck it up!!
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    Thank you for posting this information - I just worked out the formula for me, I have never seen this before and I am so glad that I have the information now to use for the future!!
    1975 days ago
    Thank you for the information!
    1975 days ago
    Thank you! That's a whole lot of math. I guess I though my FitBit was doing all that calculating for me. It says I need a 750 calorie deficit every day and it will calculate my calories out and in and tell me what I have left to eat. But if I'm pretty regularly under my calories and my deficit last week was -1778, so something is not adding up. I'm going to have to look into this. Thanks for posting this :)
    1976 days ago
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