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My first time snowboarding the mountains

Monday, March 09, 2015

I'm going to make two blog posts today--this one will be my Saturday highlight reel and my blog about my Sunday will be a little more thought provoking and emotional. Keep reading to find out!

Saturday--this was the first time I have gone snowboarding since I moved to Colorado. Now, if you read my blog from a while ago about my excursion boarding in NY, let me tell you---this was seriously 10 times more challenging than I could have ever imagined.

Now, let me lay out my day. C and I went to Winter Park for the day. This resort is GORGEOUS and was not a bad trip getting up there. C had never been boarding and I was working it on my new board. So, we were both going to be newbies for sure. I grabbed a map and we hit the bunny hills.

I loved the bunny hill--reminded me of the resorts in Ohio. Not even close to being a mountain, level incline, quick ride. I felt like I was right back at home. C, on the other hand, could not get it together. His first few runs were uber frustrating for him and I tried...I REALLY TRIED... to help guide him, but I was not the person he wanted to listen to. He is a bit of a perfectionist, needless to say. So, you can just imagine the frustration he was going through and I was dealing with.

After about an hour on the bunny slopes, big C and I decide to check this space out. We hit the lifts and did a few runs down about the lower 1/4 of the mountain.

I was not satisfied. I wanted to go higher. GET ME TO THE TOP! I wanted to enjoy these so-called 20 minute runs people were all talking about.

So, up we went. A good sport C was being, he was in. We took a lift to about half way up and rode only 'green' slopes to keep it safe. I was not used to my board, I was rusty with my toe-side and carving, and I was still a little nervous (admittance) that I was not as 'hard-core' as I was thinking I was!!!

A few runs, C eats it bad. Almost throws up apparently. I wouldn't have known, I was about 200 feet in front of him enjoying the freedom. When we finally met up, he told me of his fall and how sick he was feeling. I asked him if we were done and he said no, so onward and upward we went.

Now, I couldn't tell you about a snowboarding excursion without giving you the highlight of my epic fall of the day. I mean, I can't beat last time when I knocked the pee out of myself (go read that blog, it's funny, I assure you!), but I took a pretty grandiose spill this time.

We took an off trail. It said that it was the easiest, however, I don't know who they were trying to fool. The route was full of turns, about 10 feet wide with trees and cliffs on either side. And, since it was like 45 degrees outside, it was really stinking ICY! I had been doing well all day, not really biting it badly or taking any great spills UNTIL we hit this run. Initially, I enjoyed it, but then it got ugly really fast. SCARY ugly. I don't have the agility on my board to be able to carve and take tight turns. I just don't. And neither does C. So this run was a HUGE mistake.

About halfway into this run, I start to feel really good about my abilities, so I began to pick up speed and challenge myself a little more. I feel the breeze on my face, the sun at my back, the glistening white all around me. I am feeling confident and capable of conquering this run. I think I have my bearings. Wait for it....

The mountain NEVER lets you have your moment without giving you a humbling dose of reality at some point. Just when you feel really good, the mountain has to knock you down a peg and put you back in your place. And it did just that to me!

As I stood up a bit on my board, I must have lost focus and hit my toe-edge a little funny on one of the divets of ice/snow mix. Next thing I know, I'm face down in the snow, sliding toward the edge of a cliff, trying so desperately to catch my breath. As my feet were being jacked right out from under me, I felt the weightlessness of being airborne before crashing down. I wish I could say it was slow motion and I was screaming 'nooooooooooooooooooooo' in a super dramatic way before landing, but it didn't happen like that. It was more like when your running and you don't realize you trip and before you know it, your face down on the sidewalk. Oh, what? That doesn't happen to you? Just me?? okay. Moving on. When I hit, albeit proud that I didn't knock the pee out of myself this time, I will humbly admit that I knocked the snot of of myself. Yep, you read it right. Major whiplash.

C comes riding up next to me and sits down on his board. We are clearly WAY to NEW for this level of boarding and should work on some of our fundamentals before deciding to go any higher on this mountain.

All in all, a great day. I'm sore as ever today and could barely move yesterday, but my 32 year old self felt pretty darn accomplished.

Boarding is so much fun. Its so challenging. So much forgoing of control and having to really earn it. It forces you to be vulnerable and to accept what is handed to you. To look at fear and the possibility of injury with a chagrin face and whisper to the wind "I got this." It's an incredibly humbling experience and forces you to examine your own humility. You can never be too proud or too confident--the mountain will put you in your place, but if you come at it with ease and eagerness, you can work to earn the respect of natures most beautiful terrains. I love it. Majestic, challenging, reflective. Simply a few of the thousand reasons why I love to board....

Peace and love, laughter and happiness this Monday!

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  • COOP9002
    Looks like you had a great time. I've skied several times, but not had the opportunity or the courage to try snowboarding. Glad you got to have this experience.

    1503 days ago
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