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Friday, March 06, 2015

Well, here we are. One week done with month two. Just two more weeks until weigh-in. Thankfully, I've talked my doctor into letting me weigh in weekly by myself at the office so I can keep track of how I'm doing. Today was weigh-in day.

As a refresher --

Feb-Mar 2015 Goals
Current Weight: 458.0
Goal Weight: 450.0
Weight Loss Goal: -8 pounds

Today's Weigh-In: 453.6
Loss Thus Far: 4.4 pounds!

More than halfway there!

So, what have I been doing this month? A LOT! I started this month with a 10-day, then 5-day, then 3-day juice fast. I went into it thinking it was going to be a 10-day juice fast after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (that guy lost 90 pounds in 60 days with a juice fast, y'all! And took care of all of his medical problems too!). After talking to the doctor, she felt concerned about the lack of fiber in a full juice fast. She encouraged instead a 10-day green smoothie fast. Now I've been drinking smoothies for breakfast every morning pretty much all year. I love my morning smoothie and I had no problem continuing that. But I thought I needed some juices thrown in if I was going to get all the calories in. Plus...I just really like juice sometimes over smoothies and they're easier to keep cold at work. So I opted for a 5-day juice and smoothie fast. No solid food. Only juice or smoothies whenever I was hungry. Doc said to go for it and off I went. And my kids really wanted to join me.

We did a LOT of prep work. We bought enough produce for 5 days of straight juices for one person (knowing we'd have smoothies to make it last longer for 3 people) = $200! Yikes! We went home, cut and cleaned everything and put them into baggies in the fridge by recipe. So whenever you wanted a Jolt Juice or a Pear Delight, you just pulled the bag and put all the ingredients in the juicer and you were good to need to look up a recipe. (Side note: My husband said our fridge looked like a science experiment. LOL) It took us an entire night with all three of us working non-stop to get it done, but we felt good once it was accomplished...and then went to Taco Bell for a "last meal" of sorts.

The next day started well enough...but as the day progressed it got harder. Harder to like the juices the recipes arranged for us. Harder to keep drinking juices and smoothies and get everything down. By midday both Ethan and I had crashed because we were completely exhausted (and hungry). The next day was worse. I knew I was having trouble getting the juices down, which meant it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE for my picky 12-year old. (My 15-year-old gave up on the venture the night before when dad made spaghetti.) Still, Ethan was determined. I thought to myself that it was just a couple more days. They say the first three are the hardest. Just tough it out. Drink more smoothies and edit the recipes to add things that would make it taste better. I did note that I wasn't getting near enough calories down. And I had to leave work early because my body was detoxing so badly. Day three was easier. I drank my juices, which I altered a few of to make them palatable (sp?) and that seemed to work. I was still pretty tired though. I ended up in bed right after work for a 2-hour nap. When I woke up, I noticed my 12-year-old was sleeping as well. I asked him about his day and realized he had only had 1 smoothie and part of a juice all day. "You can be done, sweetie. You did a good job." I encouraged him. "I'm not quitting unless you are!" ...wonder where he gets his hard head. After thinking and watching him for about 30 more minutes, I called it. I had to give in to give him the permission he needed to give in. He was grumpy and tired and wasn't enjoying any part of it. He was done. And I knew I needed him to be done.

We hopped in the car and I took him to Subway for a somewhat healthy sub.

So that was my adventure with a 3-day juice fast/cleanse. My body felt better. I know I dropped weight. I was starting to get the energy turnaround I expected. The next few days, I vowed to eat mostly plant-based, to juice/smoothie for 1-2 meals or when I was hungry for snacks. For dinner we ended up with Pizza Hut and I pounded 4 slices of pizza. I could tell my body was still trying to recoup from the lack of calories.

Yesterday was a little better. I binged on some chips and dip, but the rest of the day was pretty controlled. I knew I needed to be as smart as I could. We ended up having French Toast for dinner as a family, but I tried to be smart, loaded up on fruit and used half sugar free syrup and half regular (I hate the sugar free alone). Even with the binge my calorie count for the day wasn't that bad.

How do I know? Because I'm logging again!

This morning I woke up feeling like crap from the pizza and chips. I made my morning smoothie and packed 3 juices for the day. I'll eat a real meal when I get home. I may end up under calories for the day, but I think that's alright considering the last couple days.

What did I learn from juicing?

- My body does not do well drinking all day.
- Chia seeds make my tongue swell...I think. Uhm...
- I like juice, but I want to drink juice because I like them, not because I can't have anything else.
- Whole 30 is EASY AS HELL compared to this.
- It is NOT for me.

Truth is, I can't do this post-op. The sugars are too high...I'm not sure if juicing will be allowed at all. So I needed to get that out my system. I do feel much better from the detox. It was nice to have it happen pretty much all in one day, though I recommend that you use a weekend day for day 2 to get that out of you. And I do not regret buying my juicer. My kids know how to juice now. This opens up their healthy options. My favorite recipes are the Pear Delight - great for a morning snack - and the dessert of grapes, blueberries and mint -- I will keep that as a dessert option for this pre-op year because it's healthy, nutritious and low in calories...and very satisfying! I could even see making ice cream with that and frozen bananas!

Now...on to week 2. Going to get my water count back up. Going to try to 90/10 my way through the rest of the year. Going to try to hop back on as soon as I realize I've hopped off. Going to forgive myself of the hop offs because I'm a human. I'm not sitting here and beating myself up over pizza and chips. Instead, I'm using it as a reason to be really strict today and get myself back in gear. I'm doing much better than I was this time last month and progress is progress, however small.

Much better mindset.

The foot still hurts. :/
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  • _SASX_
    You can do it, E. Look what you've done already! A good loss for the beginning of the month.

    I just watched Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead, too! Did you know there is a second one now?

    It's hard to just have juice and smoothies and know that that's all you can have. I think that's why Joe had Phil isolate himself from his normal life for a few days. I'm with you though, I don't think I could pull it off. I like chewing way too much!

    I'm cheering for you emoticon

    Hope that foot isn't being too bothersome!
    2288 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    I love that the kids tried out the juicing thing with you! And now you know what does and doesn't work, that's useful (even if the learning process wasn't pleasant). This is the most positive you've sounded in a while, I'm so happy for you!!!
    2298 days ago
    You sound like you are in such a positive place right now and that is so awesome! Keep up the great work, forgiving yourself when you slip up and jumping right back in with determination! You have got this!
    2299 days ago
    Esther, that is wonderful news! Congrats on the losses you've had already, and well done for sticking through it with only small deviations. That is awesome, and I'm so happy that you're in a better frame of mind now. :)

    Have you tried the Walden Farms syrups and sauces? The pancake syrup is actually really nice (and I hate reduced or sugar alternative products with a passion!).

    We use protein powders (Quest ones from GNC and good health food stores) to make pancakes and crepes - as they are lower in fat and carbs. Chayote Squash can be sliced up and baked to make a pseudo apple, as can jicama.

    Have you tried baked turnip fries at all? Roasted cauliflower with spices? Baked carrots with a little sugar free pancake syrup? There are so many healthy alternatives out there that are tasty and filling.

    Keep up the good work, hoping the rest of March is going to be just as positive for you. So proud of you for turning yourself around in these 6 weeks. :)
    2299 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Thanks for this. And good luck!
    2299 days ago
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