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Thursday, March 05, 2015

good morning. yesterday was a good day. managed to get a run in at the park YAY!!! it was chilly but bearable--I have been there in much worse weather. did 3.2 miles at a very slow pace--I am working through the gateway to 8K series. next week I will bump up to week 4. I have been doing the intervals on the treadmill which is ever so boring. can't wait for the weather to break so it's bearable every day to get to the park.
so I had this fugitive package of spareribs in the freezer. last year Patrick and we split one of Marianne's pigs when she had it butchered. among the packages I got (I told the lady at the butchery I knew nothing about meat, so I just let her decide what I was getting) was (I thought) a package of spareribs. a couple times recently I had gone down to the freezer to get the package and it wasn't there. hmmmmmm. I couldn't figure out if I was hallucinating or what--I was sure I had this, but I would go through the whole pork basket in the freezer and it wasn't there. Monday I was rifling around in there and voila--there they were. the label had fallen off and gotten smushed. so rather than let them sit in there until they were all freezer burnt, I determined to thaw them out and make them. you have to understand I do NOT know how to cook meat. since I don't eat it, cooking meat is always kind of a guessing game to me. I generally over cook things because I am afraid of making rob sick--and he always graciously eats whatever I put in front of him (within reason). so first off I figured I would crock pot them. found a recipe that was pretty basic. well--my crockpot isn't THAT big. now what. back to the drawing board and decided to oven roast them. didn't look too hard--I stuck them in a big aluminum foil roaster, threw a chopped onion and some bottled sauce on them. covered and put them in a slow oven and then went off to the internet to see if I had done right. looked like I was on the right track anyway. made a rhubarb crisp for no reason in particular and decided on brown rice and succotash to go with the ribs. found a succotash recipe that looked somewhat interesting--so dinner was set. later that day I was facebooking with Patrick and he wanted to come over and return the DVD set I had lent him of the HBO miniseries "John Adams". incredibly good if you have never seen it, btw.
anyhow--in our chatting I asked him if he wanted to come over for a spare ribs experiment. the idea of eating experimental food appealed to him greatly, and it was good there would be someone besides rob to eat them, so he accepted. that got me motivated to vacuum (my normal day for that is Friday but last week a migrane precluded it so my house was getting ankle deep in dog hair) and tidy up a bit. got the cardinal slate completed to the "orange piano" stage. the leaves are not accurate in color, but the color they are is a very pretty complement to the color scheme, so I am going to leave it for a bit and see.
Patrick came out and we had a very nice dinner. the ribs were pronounced very good and all but about one serving got eaten and I sent them home with Patrick--along with the succotash--which he had never had. Patrick hates vegetables but he loved the succotash, and rob likes vegetables, but hates lima beans. so it was a win for everybody! the recipe I used to make the succotash (I was hoping for a new twist on an old classic) was--well--fine. nothing special. but Patrick loved it. brown rice turned out perfect in the pressure cooker as it always does.
somehow the rhubarb crisp did not turn out well, but I had ice cream and whatever has ice cream on it is a winner in rob and Patrick's books. so we had a very nice dinner and visit.
then Debbie called to tell me that all the estate stuff is done, so I am going to her house to sign papers and go to lunch and be done with that phase of everything. it occurred to me that today is rob and my anniversary and last year on this day he and I took my mom to our fave restaurant for dinner to celebrate. she was staying with us while my dad was trying out the first (disastrous) nursing home. he had had a very good day there that day and we were all in a really happy mood. its a nice memory of my mom--but it kept me up for a couple extra hours while I thought about it. what a difference a year makes. wow.
but today deb and I are going to a wonderful farm to table place we have both been wanting to try. the head chef there teaches the cooking classes that we all take. looking forward to a fun day with deb! have a great day, everyone!
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    You can't go wrong with ribs slow cooked in an oven! I love succotash! Especially with butter, salt, and pepper! Not a fan of rhubarb. MY favorites tend to be apple and blueberry. So glad the dinner was nice for everyone!

    A year does make a huge difference. Have a great day!
    1597 days ago
  • JANET552
    Dinner sounded lovely and I'm glad you could have a friend over to share it. I make crisps quite a bit. I used to make pies but with DH being gluten free, crisps are just easier and I find using brown rice flour means I can drastically cut the sugar.

    I loved the John Adams mini series!!

    Have fun today -- lunch sounds wonderful!!

    DH is off the anti-inflammatory diet as of today. He will add back dairy first so we'll see how the next couple of days go for him. Well I hope -- I mean we are from Wisconsin :)

    It sounds like Spring is coming, doesn't it!! That has certainly made me feel perkier. Today is frigid but the warm up begins tomorrow. WooHoo!! (I bought my seeds yesterday).
    1597 days ago
    I grew up eating succotash, but my dad never used a recipe, he just threw a bag of frozen lima beans in with a bag of frozen corn and microwaved it together! haha! I still love it though.

    A year does make a difference, hope you have fun at the farm to table place!
    1597 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1597 days ago
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