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Thoughts on body shaming

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ah, down a lb. One of the ten I put on since moving in the last two months. Crazy how I can look at bread, beer, pizza, and wings and just feel the fat cells multiplying in my tiny little frame. It's so unfortunate. I wish, really wish, I could just eat whatever I want and not gain a pound, however, I know that women who are trying to gain weight would say they wish they could be me. Ah, the struggle.

And, I think about those sayings....."nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." WHAT KIND OF BALONEY IS THAT. Clearly, whoever subscribes to that has never enjoyed the creamy, sweetness of a cinnabon roll, or a decadent caramel cheesecake, or a hoppy, bubbly microbrew and a toasty, cheesy, meat-laiden pizza in the late hours of the evening. Ya, lots of things taste great, and as good as skinny might feel, I've never really FELT skinny enough, SOOOOOOOO, I dont give that statement any merit.

I just got done reading this campaign about misguiding people through 'fitsporational' sayings. Like telling our minds to shut up, its not hungry, it's bored. Well, what if it is hungry???? What about listening to our body instead of beating ourselves up for feeling a certain way (i.e. hungry) etc. Or the one that claims 1 oreo is worth 1200 jumping jacks or something like that....

Oh buzzfeed, this is a good read. And all my galpals should take a look at this. I am huge on bringing others up and not dragging them down, but I used to love to read these things like motivation, but really, is that what it is doing for me? Maybe for some people these work, but this article and the article written on the huffington post have really got me thinking differently lately!


Or this one....


I don't know. I've been thinking about this a lot lately since hearing on the news of the 15 year old girl who died in Tx from having a heart attack from an eating disorder when a few girls from her volleyball team were telling her that her booty looked big in the volleyball shorts. WHAT??!?!?! Oh, if I could hug that little girl and tell her that there is NOTHING wrong with a juicy booty and to embrace it. Ugh, self love. Where is the self-love and why are we not teaching our children to love and lift one another. Granted, the statements made by the other children were not the sole cause I am sure, there are some significantly deeper rooted mental issues here, but ugh....so many thoughts. I want to be mindful of my opinions on the matter, so all I can say is that I feel for the family and friends of that little girl and I can only hope that one day we will be in a society of self-acceptance where everyone's individual body is embraced for the beautiful thing it is, rather than what society believes it should be!

Peace and love and super thought-provoked musings today!

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    A tragedy for sure. When we listen to the world's views on how we should look and how we should behave, we are ignoring the alternative view, our higher power -if you will. Dare I say God and risk offending someone. Whoops, too late. Thanks for the thoughts on this issue.
    1475 days ago
    emoticon We need to build each other up and not tear each other down but sadly too many people tear each other down in this day and age. If someone is too thin they need to eat a cheeseburger or if they have some weight well we know what is said about them.

    I think is horrible this young girl died because of an eating disorder. I think too it is a shame too many women are under eating and so worried if they eat one cookie or that one treat they think their whole world is going to come crashing down. So much disordered thinking when comes to food and calorie intake now a days.

    the most important thing I have learn this past year is eyes on your own plate, eyes on your own shopping kart and eyes on my your workout. I say that to some those crazy friends who are into the "body shaming" it helps to shut them down.

    I hope too we can have a society of self acceptance and even women and men can learn to accept themselves rather than media or society standards.

    Wishing a you peace filled day!
    1476 days ago
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