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February 2015 Musings & Re-cap

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Just my musings...

First, the positive that I'm happy about:
Although I stopped going to yoga during February (due to bad shoulder pain), yoga classes helped me to be Very Conscious of my posture! I have remembered to walk Very Tall much more frequently. That has REALLY made me happier with myself!

But.... all in all...
February wasn't that spectacular for me. Between my ankle re-injury, shoulder impingement of CONSTANT aching (both sides), and a low-level sick-to-my-stomach feeling, it's not any wonder that I didn't have a spectacular month.

Additionally, I stopped in at a Sam's Wholesale Club (2/14) and had their free health check. Ack! My numbers are not good!
= Fasting Glucose: 91 (okay, that's better than before; 09/14 was 105)
= Cholesterol: 305 / HDL: 56 / Risk Ratio: 5.5 *Rats... Cholesterol up/up/up
= Blood Pressure: 133/83 and they re-took it: 130/82
But when I had my BP taken just a week earlier at the RV resort it was 120/80.

And I went UP one pound from the beginning of February to the end of February --- 172.2 - 173.6 --- I HATE being in the 170s! I HATE being overweight! It makes me feel old. It makes me feel unhappy.

We ate at home QUITE A BIT during February! I guess I'm just in denial that I have to become 100% at EVERYTHING to make changes in my health, instead of 75-85%. "Everything in moderation" does not work for me. Boo Hoo!

Steve says he can't believe that I weigh what I do when he doesn't think I eat all that much. I agree! I can't believe it either! It's like why bother with ordering the turkey burger, the broccoli instead of the fries, always ordering water instead of soda, having salads from Wendy's when I'd rather have something else. I think I had just two small DQ blizzards for all of February; and I won't buy ice cream for our freezer because I don't want to have it on hand! I have frozen mixed fruit that I eat instead (occasionally).

Anyway, on to what I plan to focus on during March:

= Specific exercises for my shoulder impingement.
= Keep my bottle of cinnamon supplement out in view and take more frequently. (It helps lower insulin levels.)
= Use my new essential oil diffuser!

No, they're not specific goals---I'm only aiming to improve.

Aside from health topics:
We left Ruskin (Tampa), FL 2/28 and are traveling towards Texas, with several stops before getting to the Texas Hill Country by 3/20. And I have bought a few more things for my "beach" living room/kitchen decorating. Which means I've taken more of my old stuff to the thrift store! Yay! De-cluttering! That's a bonus!

And another pat-on-the-back:
I did a January blog. And I just did a February blog!

My aim is at least one blog per month so I can look back later to see how things were going for me (healthwise).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't see much wrong...I see lots of positive! Standing straighter, good numbers for a walk in check, healthy choices, eating in more, decluttering and new decor! Sounds like a good month to me! Ok, so maybe you didn't lose weight, but with limited exercise due to your aches and not feeling the best, I'd say only a pound is good. Hang in there! You're doing the life change thing, no race here, just to enjoy life and be the best you can! I know it will get better because I've seen your dedication that inspires all of us!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I've missed you!
    2179 days ago
    February wasn't good for me either! I'm still struggling to start losing again. This plateau has been a pain. It is difficult to see others eat what they want and yet we try so hard to eat healthy. I don't mind the eating healthy, I just want to see results!

    Continue to push on, March is a whole new month!
    2193 days ago
    Hoping March is better for you (and me too!). emoticon for all your positives and emoticon for all the not so positives :-) I always enjoy your blogs!
    2193 days ago
    I am quite interested in essential oils, but may need to wait until summer to really research them - too many other things going thru my mind right now with our miserable weather!

    Cholesterol - my doctor worked with me for a year trying to get my numbers down - you know that I walk, walk, walk, and I thought I was going to turn into a bean - LOL - I had eaten so many of them...and yet my numbers did not come down sufficiently and with my family history, I did decided to go on a low dose stain and the numbers did indeed come on down. Just FYI - it is just my genetic history and they weren't going to come down, but I will be thrilled if yours do.

    When will y'all be back to Missouri? Joe and I are hoping to be in Pensacola by Saturday afternoon. Originally it was to be Friday, but now we will be waiting out this storm coming in tonight/tomorrow and then for roads to clear...We have a gulf fishing trip rescheduled from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning, and Joe just called the RV park and told them we would be later than originally planned because of our weather. The gentleman ordered Joe to NOT bring it with us! LOL

    Say "hi!" to Steve.
    2193 days ago
  • EOSTAR_45
    Sorry February was not as spectacular as you hoped. BUT glad to see you did have a couple of positives--You definitely need to add the ONLY 1 lb gained to the positives list!! That is good-:-)

    And blogging/ writing is always a good thing. Get it out of your head, clear your mind and move on. Here's to March! GO GET 'EM :-)

    emoticon emoticon

    Oh And have Fun too:-)
    2193 days ago
    I am glad February is a short month. It wasn't that great for me either. From reading the other comments, maybe it wasn't that great for a lot of people. However, SPRING is on the way emoticon emoticon and just knowing that helps to brighten my mood, and also my attitude (which hasn't been that good lately). BEST WISHES in reaching all of your goals. emoticon and emoticon


    2194 days ago
    Pretty good report for the most part. I see improvements. OK, I can not help it... being a nurse. LOL ! I am sure you know this since you research every thing. When you get the B/P checked you should sit & relax for about 5 minutes for an accurate reading.

    What was the LDL ? That is a also a risk number and basically tells you how sticky your veins are. Your FBS was much better. Go you !! The bad thing about that cholesterol is there are no symptoms until it is too late and you have had your stroke or heart attack. Please do what you can to get that back down.

    I was researching when my numbers went up, and of course, our oatmeal, veggies (high fiber foods) do help some since they help the food move faster through the GI tract so less fat gets absorbed. Family history is something you can not change if it is contributing to the numbers. If your numbers are still up at your next check, please consider going to the doctor to get medication. I would prefer to have my new sister around a long time please.

    Sorry if I sound preachy. Not meant that way, really. I think you are doing s good job changing and we all know how change is hard. We are not perfect so we need to master moderation the best we can. Notice, I said "we" ? I have the same issues for the most part. Keep pushing. I am right behind you. (((hugs)))
    2195 days ago
    February was a HARD month for me too!. I actually lost ONE pound in February. Yeah! I'm praying that we both get back on track in March. The weather is one of my biggest problems, with my Asthma and too much inactivity. Together we can make March a better month. I love the idea of your "Beach" living room. Stay focused dear Suzy. emoticon
    2195 days ago
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