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A reminder to myself

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I don't know exactly what it is lately but I have been feeling so tired and run down. I have also had a couple flair ups with my COPD. So of course my reaction is to be angry at my body. So once again I went back through my blogs and found the one posted below. I posted this mainly for myself to put things in perspective.

Dear Mo;

I feel that we have to talk. I am really having trouble with your attitude about me. I am tired of you blaming me for your laziness and lack of conviction.
If you want me to be a smaller size stop putting to much food into me and you might try moving me more. I am also tired of you complaining about how I let you down. Let's be honest here it is you who have let me down. You have stuffed me with fats and sugars and then blame me for gaining weight. You have smoked cigarettes for years then blamed me for C.O.P.D. I am also tired of never getting credit or appreciation for what I do. When you had your brain anuersym bleed you blamed me. Even though the doctor told you that my being strong helped save your life. You always complain about my being fat but you fail to notice the my backside is firmer and lifted a bit and that you actually have a bit of a cut in your arms. You complain that I am not dropping wait fast enough but you fail to see that your clothes are fitting better. You complain I don't perform well. When you did the wiifit free run in 30 minutes, I ran four point 9 miles you complained that it wasn't 5. When you were on your exercise bike for an hour and I rode for 15 miles you complained I didn't go faster. You seem to forget the awhile back I would have never been able to do those things. You also seem to forget I am getting older and don't move as fast as I used to.

I guess what I am trying to say is I wish you would appreciate me more. Notice the strength in my legs when you walk, notice how my heart beats when you run. Notice how my lungs let you inhale the fresh air. Most of all I wish you would........


Your Body
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