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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

See that sentence up there?
With the quotes?
THAT is what my Nurse Practitioner said to me at the end of my appointment today.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension on September 22, 2014 (and subsequently took a leave from nursing school to try and get things under control). At that time, the NP gave me 3 months (which turned into nearly 5 months before I managed to get my caboose in to get the blood work done and schedule today's appointment) to try and manage things just with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Today we met to review the numbers, and decide if I need to go on medication to control my diabetes.

For reference, the A1C is the test they do to diagnose and monitor diabetes (it's basically a 3 month average of your blood glucose levels).
Normal: 4.3-5.6%
Pre-diabetes: 5.7-6.4%
Provisional diagnosis of diabetes: greater than 6.4%

Check it out -


Guess who doesn't have to go on medication!!! She even used the words "very well controlled."
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Here are my vitals since I was diagnosed (the November appointment was for the UTI):

Two things to keep in mind regarding that chart (these images are from MyChart, which is probably my favorite thing about having switched to this practice - I can see my actual test results and information whenever I want) -

1. Their scale weighs me consistently 5 lbs higher than mine does. Which means the actual numbers may differ, but the LOSS is the same (and proves my scale is accurate).

2. I'm actually 5' 3" tall, which means the BMI numbers are off. I just noticed the error while I was putting this together, so I'll contact them tomorrow to correct it. However, since the trend is downward, I'm not going to sweat the details until we get closer to "normal" anyway.

But hey, did you SEE those blood pressure numbers? And she was VERY happy with the weight loss (and is good with my goal of getting under 200 by the time I start back to nursing classes in May).
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The only results that were NOT so good - my cholesterol actually went UP.

Regarding the LDL ("bad" cholesterol)
New reference ranges effective 02/03/2015.
Interpretive Guidelines:
less than 100 Optimal (the NP actually said "Less than 70 if I'm being greedy, but under 100 for sure")
100-129 Near Optimal
130-159 Borderline High
greater than 159 High

SO, she put me on Lipitor. She also recommended that I start taking a baby aspirin once a day (for folks with diabetes it can help avoid cardiovascular issues later on, and considering the history of stroke and heart disease in my family, I'm taking her advise). And since I am now listed as having a "chronic condition" I got the pneumonia vaccine (and boy is my arm sore - ouch!).

Bottom line? I have made VAST improvements in my health since I took this seriously, got active on Sparkpeople again and started making changes. There is still room for improvement, but we're going in the right direction!

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