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Monday, February 09, 2015


- if I'm going to drink water in ounces equal to half my body weight, I'm going to have to start earlier. That's all there is to it. I still have a quart or so to go, and if I don't want to be up all night - as if my normal insomnia isn't bad enough - I'm not sure I'm going to finish it. But I'm still working on it! (And now I see that it's only about another 1 1/2 Starbucks mugs, so I may make it yet.) emoticon emoticon

- I can spend an almost indefinite amount of time fiddling about with things. Case in point, it took me nearly three hours to re-do my Spark Page, emoticon if I include rearranging photos and the like. And I do. In fact, I think that, out of the entire constellation of activities one could pursue, just fiddling about with things is what I do best. emoticon

- I actually got up when I woke up (although I didn't de-sofa for a good two hours after, being perfectly content under a mid-sized dog and two cats.) And while FitBit insists I only got 4 hours' sleep, emoticon I actually feel pretty good.

- I really enjoy winter when it isn't so dreadfully cold. emoticon Today was a snow day for everyone in about a two state radius, so I felt good about being snowed in and enjoyed the day to the utmost...doing basically nothing.... emoticon

- (Pause for a piece of serious business. Put on your "serious reading" faces.) It was suggested to me recently that by putting too much personal, not-very-happy history on my Spark Page, I am essentially tying myself to the past. At least I think that was the point... anyway, that's what I took away from it. I've given this some thought, and as reluctant as I am to release some things, I don't have to define myself by them. I've thought this of many, many people over the years; people who define themselves by a tragedy, an illness, an addiction, whatever, but never thought to apply it to my own situation. Oh, forest for trees...
(End serious philosophical stuff.)

- I genuinely do dislike cooking. I thought it was just because the kitchen looked like a tornado of nastiness had gone through it, but I cleaned it up emoticon and I still feel that way. HOWEVER I also noticed that I don't mind cooking so much when it's daylight out (the sun room/studio is right there with northern and eastern exposure, so there's good light most of the day) so it seems like batch cooking and freezing is going to be a go. Which also means I have to clean out the utility room so I can get to the freezer easily, but so it goes.

- Lucy the Dog is shedding all of a sudden. This is relevant because when I went to do some exercises on the living room floor, I immediately noticed what looked like the remains of an exploded dog. I vacuumed it up, but by the time all that was over I'd lost my enthusiasm for exercise. Which means if I want to exercise in my house (which is all I've got) I have to brush the dog once or twice a day. emoticon Not a big deal, but I discovered how easily I'm distracted and how many things have to be in line for goals to be accomplished - stuff I normally don't even think about.

- While I was writing this, I let the turkey for KRISKECK's excellent Turkey Bolonese:


burn slightly. Beginning to wonder if what I've always thought of as "lack of follow-through" is actually some weird blend of perfectionism and ADD (definitely not got the H part there - I'd pay good money for that puppy.) emoticon

Hey, look at that! While I was writing this, I finished all the stupid water! Go, me! emoticon
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    Lack of follow through is the sign of a VERY BIG...and creative brain woman! I know...because my psychologist friend told me so! Ha....she should know she has been calling me a creative sensitive whatever the heck THAT means...for years!

    I used to get slightly rebuffed...but now I take it as a compliment and whenever something as mundane as cooking or housekeeping comes up all I have to say "HEY...I'm a creative..sensitive...what DO you want from me?

    I jump from project to project and can get completely off course by something as ridiculous as walking into another room!

    In fact i'd be perfectly happy sitting around in my p.j.s all day sitting on my laptop writing about a different subject every 5 minutes! emoticon

    I the things that make you happy...and the things that don't... avoid like a is short.

    As for the water...squeeze some lemon or lime in it...makes it more interesting...and INTERESTING and creative is what we do best girlfriend! emoticon

    Throw in humor and self deprecation and it's gonna be a GOOD day! emoticon
    2314 days ago

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  • GENRE009
    Try giving your dog a tablespoon of olive oil to stop the shedding. if the dog gets the run- cut the amount down to teaspoon , especially if they are a smaller bread. Usually insomnia comes from not eating enough vegetables, certain medications / taken later at nite, or eating foods that stimulate you -like grapes, nuts, ice cream, candy, caffeine-coffee, tea, chocolate, starches, processed, man made-non-nutrient foods, ect..
    As far as drinking the water, I know it is very hard. Especially if you are out and about. But when I try to get it all in after 6:00 pm. Then I am up at nite going to the bath room. You need the water to keep your organs hydrated and healthy to function.
    Everyday is a new battle to trying to get healthy, lose weight, and get the right attitude about your ego and living. good luck, I am still battling, and probably always will be on some level, but I have learned a lot too. eva
    2320 days ago
    Wow, you are MOVING! Thanks for the shout out on the turkey bolognese! It actually needs onions too but I didn't have them so I left them out. Yes! Now we don't have to cook for more than a week if we dont want to! (And I don't)

    And the dog hair, yes. Mine is cat hair. And vacuuming is in fact exercising. Look on the tracker, housecleaning is listed!

    Soooo happy to hear you in good spirits....

    You can do this!


    And ps your daughters are gorgeous! As are you!
    2323 days ago
    Hey, vacuuming is exercise! Maybe you could vacuum your dog and the floor and see it as a warmup, then you can shave, what, 10 minutes off your exercise session?

    As far as personal histories, I actually like reading about where someone is coming from so that I don't say anything totally stupid to them. I'm really good at saying stupid stuff to people. I'm blunt. Sometimes I'll leave a comment without reading up, but like you, I fiddle with things, so I usually read a bit about someone before I post a comment. Maybe I just need to relax and let people deal with their own issues without me trying to cushion the blows of life? I don't know. I think I'm too mothery.

    Yesterday was just a burn the food day, I think. I burned breakfast and lunch! Dinner was a bit over browned, too. Let's just blame the universe on this one (not really, I know, I know, we're accountable for our own actions).

    2323 days ago
    Scooter, for me, I enjoy cooking. Probably because my mom refused to let me. She always wanted to do it herself--except for mashing the potatoes- THAT she let me do.

    Housework is my thing I hate to do. So when I do it I try to do it well so I will not have to do it again for as long as possible. I will clean as I go to keep it clean. If I see dust I stop get the duster and dust. Dishes are done right after I eat or end up in the dishwasher (which I love). My vacuuming is done ONLY when necessary-- which is when I notice. Shhh....( I try not to notice.) But the way I clean is probably like ADD.

    Water is an issue for me in the winter. Summer I will drink to my hearts content--water that is. In the winter I mix water and then drink tea most of the day. I am a tea-o-holic. I can drink 6-8 cups, especially in the winter, a day.

    I used to have to vacuum more with my dog. The hairs would blow about the house like wind brush out west. Could not ignore them so had to vacuum. Since my last dog died, my cat doesn't shed or does so little I do not notice. I still have to scrub the rugs at least two times a year--after I vacuum of course. emoticon
    2323 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/10/2015 10:00:28 AM
    I hate cooking as well. Your new page is wonderful. So blessed to love where you live. I hate where I live. (smiling) As far as the cooking thing, I remember when I was a teenager and my mother was in tears when I told her I didn't want to learn to cook. She thought it was the worst thing a woman could say. (smiling) Last year, I tried to take a cooking class that was going to be several weeks during a semester. At the first class, I talked to the teacher and explained why I was leaving at break time. I was tactful, but she was shocked nonetheless when I told her I couldn't take it being in an industrial kitchen. (or in any kitchen for that matter)
    2323 days ago
    On Saturday last I vacuumed and tidied the entire house. I took me 1.5 hours and I burnt 250 calories doing it.
    And boy, oh, boy was there ever a ton of cat fur!
    You think you're ADD? JF thinks I am ADD and he thinks he's ADD and his mother thinks her husband and all of her children are ADD. I think we are an over stimulated population with a government whose main goal is to distract us from what is important so they can get away with exactly what they are getting away with right now. But I am always for an evil plot over some made up disease.
    Great going on the water consumption!
    2323 days ago
    Your blog made me laugh -- its like that joke about the guy who gets up and is going to go down the driveway to check the mail, but on the way he notices something that distracts him, then something else, etc. and at the end of a long day all he has accomplished is checking the mail! I find I'm more like that as I get older -- 'course with me the problem is procrastination -- its amazing how many things I can find to do other than the thing that I have to do!

    Sounds like you are doing some good thinking about fixing the barriers to exercise and healthy eating.

    emoticon emoticon
    2323 days ago
    Most def. ADD!
    And I should know, it is our family disease!
    I prefer to say I flit.
    2323 days ago
    You are a funny writer..
    I love it!
    2323 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Good to know I am not alone in my fiddling, fussing and puttering-away-the-day habit. When I am wasting the most time is when I am incubating some very creative ideas, so better to look at it as a creative gestation period than losing 4 hours on the sofa with our pets. Puttering is a very good thing for me! And perhaps for you, too.

    As for the water thing? I drink plenty of it now that I have city water. My well water was chunky hard and tasted like salty, rusty minerals, so I am loving the fluoride with a hint of a chlorine bloom. Saucy and quite drinkable. Sometimes I add vodka and that works pretty darn good to git me a-gulpin', pardner. A big 'ole bucket-o-vodka water, yup.

    2323 days ago
    I don't worry about when I drink my water and have to get up several times in the night to sleep-walk/sleep-pee, It's like sleep-walking but you just walk to the john to pee and come back.

    I hope the dog's massive shedding means spring is on the way. I look for positive things in everything including hair balls.
    2323 days ago
    OMG. Like Bethie said. Gee, can't work out because it means vacuuming dog hair. I dunno. Now that I'm retired, I see myself following similar paths. I spent the entire day--I mean, the ENTIRE day, son--whipping a $50 article for our small local newspaper into shape. Well, it was a rainy day and all. I had little else to do.
    2323 days ago
    Actually, I believe that vacuuming IS exercise. And finishing all your water is awesome! I You're absolutely right that getting an early start on the water is key. It sounds like an educational day for you -- and I learned something, too! Thank you!
    2323 days ago
    Your page looks great, but not really sure why anyone might have thought it wasn't quite up to snuff before. When I first came to spark, several many moons ago, I decided not to use my real identity for the simple reason that by being incognito I could also be far more real. Like, sometimes life is good and sometimes it sucks and I wanted the freedom to give each kind of moment its fair due. I have a FEW, very few, spark buddies who seem to live in a very wonderful world all of the time - All is joy and every day is seen as just ONE MORE blessing. My world is OK and there are days when I enjoy it very much - and, then again, there are other days when I feel a need to substitute water for some medicinal Coors Light.
    Hey .... just sayin' emoticon

    Anyway, good for you getting all that water in - and I hope the Turkey wasn't too burnt. emoticon

    2323 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/9/2015 7:27:23 PM
    Really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting.
    2323 days ago
    OMG! What can I say? I think ADD may be in your personality somewhere! emoticon Just the range of topics in this blog is a lot of wandering!! LOL I can waste an enormous amount of time fiddling--on the computer is THE best. I don't like to cook either (in the light or the dark). Way to go on the water!!!!
    2323 days ago
    An amusing post. Thank you for sharing your lessons of the day. I can relate to the dog hair on the carpet. Really not noticeable until exercise brings you up close and personal. Ugh.
    2323 days ago
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