I had a million excuses...

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Well, I didn't find any miracle cure for my poor calves. They were sore Thursday but I pushed through a workout, mostly walking with some jogging. My most amazing husband also rubbed my calves a little bit before we went to bed, then I followed it up with 30 minutes of icing. I woke up Friday unsure of how I'd do on a long run.

I'd planned on doing a 5 mile run with the dog and coming home to do 2 miles at a 5% incline on the treadmill and 1 mile @ 2%. This way I still get the dog out for a run, she wouldn't be able to do a full 8 miles, and I can add the incline to mimic the race we will be doing on March 1... though the last hill is much steeper than the 5% incline.

So I wake up, I can still feel a pull in my calves. It is raining pretty good outside. I am hungry (I find I do best running on an empty stomach). I don't want to do my run. I don't want to get out in that crappy weather. I'll just blame it on my calves. But... no, I can't skip this. I get up, fish out my compression socks that also double as plantar fasciitis relief. Pull out my best moisture wicking workout pants, my cold weather running top to keep me dry, an old race shirt, my hat, and some socks. Layer after layer goes on and it feels like it's taken me an hour to get ready. We are out the door.

This is where things get tough. My compression socks are hurting my feet more than helping. I get out of the neighborhood (almost .75 miles into my workout) and pull to the side of the trail to take off my shoes, socks, and adjust my compression socks. In the rain. Water streaming down my face. I just want to turn around and go home. At least I tried. No, I didn't spend all that time getting dressed just to turn around. Pushed on to my turn around point. Not far after that I had to stop again, my compression socks were now rubbing against my ankle and hurting. Luckily I was in town so I could find some cover this time. Then again, about 1.5 miles from home, I had to stop and adjust the damn compression socks. Needless to say, my time was blown.

I get in the garage, dry off the dog, take off my wet layers on top as well as the compression socks and down some water and hop on the treadmill. Is that a blister I feel forming? $#!*... I did the 5 miles, I'm sure that's good for today... NO! I pushed through the rain and the compression sock problems. I run upstairs, grab some dry socks and pull off my wet ones. I also decide I'm feeling pretty weak so I eat the granola bar I'd taken with me on the run.

Finally, over 2 hours later... my 8 miles is DONE! I did it. Despite every obstacle that presented itself, every reason I could think of to quit, I pushed through and I finished. I rewarded myself with lunch and a bath... then sat in bed reading until dinner time. It was a very rewarding day. I feel very proud of what I did. How could I not be proud??

Now I just need to find it in me to get up off my lazy rear today and get my 10k steps in.

If you made it this long, thank you!!! I will reward you with a picture of the cutest dog in the world....

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    You're my hero! I'm a fair weather runner. Unless it's for a race and I've already paid, I don't run in anything wet, icey, or snowy lol.
    1563 days ago
    Good job!!
    I am sorry your calves are still acting up. Maybe you should call your doctor's office and ask them?
    Also... how do you get screen shots from your Fitbit like that?
    1564 days ago
    1565 days ago
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