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Thursday, February 05, 2015

My workplace has started a "Biggest Loser Challenge" - anyone who joins in pays $5, and the person who loses the biggest percentage of body weight at the end of 9 weeks gets the pot.

I've joined as an extra incentive to keep on track, but I don't expect to win (nor do I particularly care - sure, $$ is always a good thing, but I rarely win contests so I've learned not to make a big deal of such things*shrug*).

That said, I can't help but roll my eyes at some of my "competition." Particularly one young LPN (she's a month younger than my younger son, and trust me...he's FAR more of a responsible adult). I told her about Sparkpeople at the beginning of the year when she started making sounds about needing to lose weight (yeah, there are extra pounds there, but honestly it just makes her cuter - and in her demographic it's all about the booty anyway). Gave her the website, told her to friend me...never heard if she did or not. Then, when they announced the contest she was ALL excited about signing up. This past week (sign ups ended on the 31st, we had our first weigh in yesterday) she's been ordering out every day, talking about how she'll have to "cut the crap" once the contest starts, but if she eats everything she wants NOW she'll have a huge drop the first week, which will make her more likely to win. *headdesk* And last night (having weighed in, so it's "game on") she was asking another LPN questions like "How should I work out so I just lose fat and don't gain muscle, because muscle weighs more and I need to lose WEIGHT?"
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What did I WANT to tell her?

emoticonYou're an LPN, do your research - building muscle ultimately increases your metabolism so you'll lose more weight

emoticon Unless you are intentionally body building, "building muscle" is not synonymous with looking "muscle bound" - it just means you're getting stronger

emoticonThe benefits of strength training and weight-bearing exercise FAR outweigh the fact that "muscle weighs more than fat" line of thinking (another "your a nurse, do your research" moment).

emoticon And the LOUDEST comment in my head? If you are thinking this is just a temporary thing - a diet for a contest - you will ultimately gain everything you lose right back (and likely more). And you'll do more damage to your body by yo-yo dieting (making temporary changes to lose weight, gain it all back, lather, rinse, repeat) than any temporary weight loss is worth.

What did I actually say?

"You know that website I told you about a while ago? You'll find all KINDS of articles about weight loss, and working out - everything you could ever want. Every question you've just asked - it's all right there. Go look at it."

Meanwhile, I'll just continue making better choices and lose my weight slowly and consistently, and we'll just see who is healthier a year from now.
I have a feeling it'll be no contest.

Update added 4/8/15

Holy crap, I WON!!!!!
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Beth from HR handed me an envelope full of cash yesterday at work - $120!!!

Guess who is being REALLY good, and not gloating around a certain LPN. Even though she REALLY wants to.
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    And guess who won?

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1443 days ago
    Ah, the insanity of youth. And she is an LPN? I kinda wish you had gone ahead and said all of that to her...although, based on what little I know of her from what you've written, I doubt she would have gotten it, or it would have made a difference. And I have no doubt you'll be in a better place later on!
    1491 days ago
    I've probably been on every kind of diet, just like you've done too. In my case, I decided to completely rethink my diet, my goals and knowing that several members of my family are diabetic, along with my own health history, I decided to go on a ketogenic adaptation. I consume no grains, starches or sugars. I eat berries, vegetables that grow above the grown, no legumes (as they are high in starches and sugars), good saturated and nut fats. I'm never hungry and slowly I'm loosing weight.

    The big thing is to find a way of adapting a new way of eating once you find the foods your body doesn't agree with. It's only as limiting as one makes it - I still eat hamburgers - but no bun or ketchup and wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Works for me.

    As to you co-worker - give her 15 years and she'll regret screwing up her body just to 'win' a prize. If I knew now 25 years ago after going off a low carb diet (and lost 50 pounds) that the crap taught about 'low fat' would put it all back on me.... still pisses me off as I would had never changed my eating style.

    Good luck with your quest and I hope you're the better winner!
    1501 days ago
    Well said
    1505 days ago
    Remember the tortoise won
    1505 days ago
    When will they make this stuff part of the curriculum for medical professionals??
    1505 days ago
    I agree with Cyndi--though I will say that I have heard comments like that from people who are NOT young (and theoretically should know better!) It's one of the reasons I have this anti-diet knee jerk reaction mentally. I think you have a far better healthier and I know that in the long run, if she doesn't wisen up, you are going to come out ahead. No matter what the competition says.
    1505 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Wow! It really is tough sometimes to not try to set those misinformed youngsters in their place. LOL! *SNICKER* I love that you are using the contest as *extra* motivation but that your goal in doing so is to lose weight slowly and consistently, not just to *win* the money but to win your health. LOVE IT!

    Have fun!
    1505 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1505 days ago
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