Reflections: What am I doing wrong?

Thursday, February 05, 2015

So I'm posting this because I am struggling with the weight coming off even though I feel like I am doing all the right things. I'm striving to be brutally honest with myself to see if I can pinpoint where the problems lie.

I have been drinking water, eating "cleaner", eating fruits and veggies, and exercising almost every day. So why isn't the weight coming off?

I know that weight loss is very simple yet also very complex. The idea of calories burned must be greater than calories out is simple. But we also know that many things can affect weight loss, such as water weight, time of month (for women), type of calories, type of physical activity, overall health and BMR, etc.

Thinking back over the past few weeks, and trying my best to be really honest with myself:
1--Am I REALLY working out hard enough? I know a lot of my workouts are not that difficult, and to really lose weight and gain fitness, I need to push out of my cardio comfort zone. I started a Couch to 10k program, and honestly, it's too easy for me, since I'm not starting from "the couch".

Solution: give it my ALL in my workouts. Keep doing the Couch to 10K but push harder during both the running and the walking portions. Add a second workout on days I can fit it in to push in more mileage. Keep weight training, but more of it.

2--Nutrition--Looking back, I did have a cheat day in there and I also gave in to my greatest tempation and purchased a bag of Hershey Hugs. I ate them over the period of a week (better than all at once!), but even that little bit of "splurge" could have had an effect. I also see in my tracker several days with lower fiber intake, that shows me that those days I really did not get in my full complement of fruits and veggies and whole grains. It was just a somewhat "off" week with nutrition, even if I did stay close to my calorie range.

Solution: back to basics. Make sure I am eating at least 5 fruits/veggies a day. Go back to smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, reasonable dinner. STOP snacking at night, unless it's an added banana. Tried and true, I know this way works. Stay away from the peanut butter lol.

3--Water--I am probably not getting in 64 ounces as I have a cup with a lot of ice in it and it stays cold all day. Although I fill it several times, it is not really 20 ounces each, since a lot of it is (unmelted) ice.

Solution: Drink more water. Just do it. Cut out tea with honey and just drink water. (I can't give up my morning coffee as water in the AM makes me gag lol)

4--Overall calories--am I being honest about the amounts of items I am eating? I am not always measuring and weighing. A lot of our "homemade" recipes I just guestimate and perhaps underestimate? Maybe time to put them into the recipe builder and see what they REALLY are. It's tougher because my husband cooks a lot, but I can ask him to keep better track for me of what he is using in our meals. I also tend to mentally "aim" at the high end of my calorie range. Maybe this is causing me to take in too many calories.

Solution: Be more careful to weigh and measure and try to avoid estimating (inevitable at times) when possible. If I have to estimate, try to overestimate to stay in range. Lower my upper calorie limit so I'm looking at a lower number for my max for the day.

It's not rocket science, but just making my own self aware of my shortcomings maybe will help with the numbers on the scale.
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  • --CHERYL--
    That elliptical emoticon works amazing, as opposed to the emoticon bike emoticon . Based on the calories listed of the food you're consuming you must burn more calories to see a difference.

    BTW, I learned that nine of those lil kisses are 210 calories - emoticon
    2265 days ago
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and encouragement! BLCKKTTY, I do know I have to switch things up! I have added doing the bike at the gym here and there, and will jump on the elliptical and I do rotating weights and such....PROPMAN1...I know it's stupid to do something that's too easy! My OCD kicks in from time to time. I found a plan, and I have to STICK TO THE PLAN! It will get harder fast though, I already know that soon I'll be in that "difficult" zone. I want to run a 10k and a half marathon so easing up on running training is not an option.

    Again, everyone, thanks bunches!! I will take all into consideration and appreciate your comments!
    2266 days ago
    Sounds like you're aware and have solutions. emoticon
    2266 days ago
    My first question is: If the Couch to 10K is too easy - why are you doing it? There's no challenge there. Your body isn't having to do much. Time to try doing something else.....zumba/spinning/weights/wal
    king (long distance)...something. emoticon
    2266 days ago
    Sometimes we do the right things and it takes the scale a while to catch up. Be patient and keep putting in your best efforts. I started weighing, measuring and tracking EVERYTHING - even those 3 m&m's I grabbed out of a co-worker's candy dish, and especially the things I didn't want to. I focused solely on tracking and was amazed how out of balance my carb intake was. My calorie count was within my range on most days but my carb intake was far too high, my protein too low, not to mention those poor veggies! I also don't deink any other liquids until I have my 8 glasses of water in.

    Sounds like you have some solutions which may lead you to the answer you are seeking! Keep sparking!
    2266 days ago
    you want to lose weight. You making lots of good choices. Be patient and believe in yourself. You deserve to feel good.

    2266 days ago
    Don't get discouraged, you may be one of those people who see your weight loss all at once. I know some people who work out then a month later see a huge drop in weight. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will see results. As for the cheats, if you never have a goodie, or an easy day then what fun is life?? As long as you don't overindulge every day I think some kisses are OK. You are doing great!

    2266 days ago
    I can tell you what your problem is but you probably are not going to like the answer but I'm going to tell you it anyway. Your body has gotten used to the running. It doesn't matter if you add more miles or more time you might lose a little bit more weight but it won't be significant. Your body knows your routine, it has you figured out girl. You need to change things out. You need to do some spinning classes. Some high intensity workouts at the gym. You need to change things up. The body is incredible wonderful at being efficient and with efficiency comes using just enough calories to carry out a task. That means burning barely enough calories to get the job done see where I'm going with this? You need to shock it again, keep her guessing, change things up. Time to try something new. It will be rough at first because your body won't be used to it but your weight will start dropping again fast emoticon Change is good, it is the spice of life!
    2266 days ago
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