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February goals update and changes

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

After looking back over the month of January, I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I haven't been doing great with the goals I set at the beginning of the year. But rather than hide from the truth or quit, I'm trying to take an objective look at where I'm having trouble.

The one goal that I am meeting is exercising 30 minutes three times a week. This is actually the goal I thought I would have the most trouble meeting, but thanks to Mother Nature and all the snowstorms, shoveling snow has made it easy to meet this goal.
In January I only logged about 50% of my meals, so that has to change. With FlyLady, I'm doing an occasional mission now and then, but not consistently, so I'm not making much headway with my clutter and housecleaning. As far as weight loss, I have lost about half the weight I gained over the holidays, but now I'm in a pattern of losing and gaining the same two pounds each week, so I'm not making progress.

When looking at the reasons why I'm struggling, I had to admit that my biggest obstacle is not feeling well. The month of January has been terrible for me due to migraines, and lately they have been as often as four or five days a week. It's really difficult just to get through a day sometimes, and I know I've been doing what's easy instead of what's healthy on days I have a migraine. I'm not sure how to change this, except perhaps planning and preparing more meals on my good days, that I can freeze for a later bad day. I'm also realizing that if this pattern continues, I may need to see my doctor to talk about changes in my medications. I know a lot of the headaches are due to menopause, so I keep hoping it will improve eventually, but I seem to be in a terrible place with it all right now.
This week I felt inspired after reading Linda!'s blog, "Hold On....You Can Do It." So I'm holding on, reevaluating, and making some changes. I've realized I make better food choices if I eat more protein at breakfast, so my plan is to eat two eggs instead of one. The extra protein seems to help keep me on track the rest of the day. I've been logging my food each day so far this week, and I have meals planned for the next two days. I am cooking larger quantities so I have leftovers, ready for the next migraine day. Today I'm feeling okay, so I plan to tackle the clutter on the dining room table.

Hopefully February will be a better month for me. While I'm writing this blog for my own benefit, to help keep me focused and accountable, if anyone has experience in keeping on track while dealing with chronic pain or a chronic illness, or if you want to share any coping strategies, feel free to post your suggestions. Thanks for reading and thanks to all my SparkFriends for their support. Wish me luck!
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    Well, if you have a good doctor, it's good to go with plenty of information. You can put together a headache journal, to show the doctor how often they are, what you ate before it started or if you couldn't eat, what happened before, if you slept well or not, or if the sun was in your eyes or something. I found some good links for you. I hope they help!


    Also, it's really good how you're making extra food ahead, in case of the migraines coming. Another thing you should do is stock up on nutritional drinks and meal bars. They can help make it easier for you. They say exercise can help in migraines, it can prevent them. But if you're migraine-prone, you probably want to do low-impact type of exercises. Running and jumping might not be a good idea, unless you already really enjoy those activities.


    I used to get migraines all the time in high school because I wasn't able to eat breakfast. If I ate before I left, I would get nauseous on the bus and had to get off and throw it all up. Some of the kids would wear this perfume that made me sick. I finally finally figured out that if I went to school super early I could miss these kids. Voila! Anyway, the school, even though I had free lunches, refused to let me eat free breakfasts because I came out of the district. I came for the business classes, but I was so sick there, I couldn't study and was failing everything. It was bad. Bad memories.


    I am so sorry to hear that you are having migraines, they're really painful. emoticon

    1918 days ago

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    emoticon So sorry about the headaches. They really put a crimp on activity and positive thinking. But you are hanging in there and reevaluating. I'm sure you'll come out on top after they subside. Soon, I hope.
    1929 days ago
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    I can't say it any better than Linda has. Giving up is not an option. If you mess up, you feel down about it, ...but don't let it keep you down. This is YOUR life. Take it back. It's hard and it's frustrating. No doubt about it. But don't give up...
    I will remember you in my prayers.
    emoticon emoticon
    1930 days ago
    I know it's hard to deal with things, anything when you have pain, I suffer from Osteoarthritis and some days all I want to do is sit and watch TV with a heat pack, but that is one of the worst things I can do, yet I do do it often. Our weather has a lot to do with my pain but so do certain foods, you may find this as well, so tracking your food will help to see if there is one group or type of food that starts your migraines. All I can say, is keep trying and find something that helps distract you or eases your pain when it occurs. Good luck with 2015, we all need it sometimes. emoticon
    1942 days ago
    I can't really offer any advice other than that my bad heads stopped once I got over the menopause hump. Doesn't help much with the present though, sorry. emoticon
    I logged everything I ate after I got out of hospital for the first 3 months. That definitely helped me keep on track because it made me think twice about snacking.

    Well done on the exercise! I haven't had much shovelling practice, but I've been propping the iPad next to the tv and walking along with Leslie Sansone on YouTube, whilst watching something else. Bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy but it breaks up the repetition.

    Trick is not to give up. Big hug and loving the Rosemary sprig trees!! emoticon
    1944 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am happy that my blog helped you in some way. Honestly, this is a struggle for so many of us. We are up and down. But giving up is not an option.

    1944 days ago
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