The 90 Day Journey - Days 27, 28, and 29

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 27: Official Rest Day

Day 28: No workout due to the fact one of my students, he plays on the basketball team, mentioned to me that I never come to any of the games, so, I skipped my workout and stayed for the game after school that night. I had to, I never want to let my students think I don't care. He was happy to see me.

Day 29: Me and my friend tried a new class, POUNDS, it's a total body workout using lightly weighted drumsticks. If you have ever seen STOMP, where the musicians us drumsticks to make music on the floor, cans, etc. it's kind of like that. You can Youtube Pounds workout and you can watch a video of that type of class. It was fun, it was quite a workout. Thank God the teacher was new to the routine, so we had quite a few rest breaks!! The class was 45 minutes.

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