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Saturday, January 31, 2015

So I know I havent posted for a while on here. I havent posted on my facebook weightloss page in several days or on instagram. Im burnt out. Am I the only one who does this? Im so bad about comparing my journey, questioning myself. Am I working hard enough? Being strict enough? I promose I saw a video on instagram of a girl forcing down this broccoli, with water. Not trying to really judge her, to each their own, but REALLY? I just am not that dedicated I guess. I want to lose weight, but I want to do it right this time. Last time I was super strict (1200 cal) and ended up gaining almost all of it back. I do not want to make that mistake again. So I will stick with my 1600-1800 calories a day, and have that little dab of sour cream on my chicken stirfry and be happy lol. I know the weight will come off if I eat below my bmr, even if it is slowly. The time is gonna pass anyway, right?
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    Whatever you are doing it has been such a success.... you are an example to follow.... we all have bad days and we question ourselves critically.... but you deserve only admiration and positive feedback..... YOU TRULY ARE DOING SOMETHING AMAZING!!!!! emoticon
    1658 days ago
    You have to do what you feel is right. Honestly, I agree with you. I think the more strict you are the harder it is to maintain over time because you can't eat like that all the time. If you eat in the range you spoke of it allows for more wiggle room that can be maintained over the course of your life time. Sure the weight comes off slower, but you'll be much better off in the long run. Slow and steady! :)
    1664 days ago
    You are inspiring. Do what you need to do to stay well on your path.
    1665 days ago
    I left SP a long while back and came back in 2015. I grew weary of the screen time keeping me away from other things. Its a tool that is like any other, it can be obsessed over. Be mindful of your "being" and less of your "doing". No amount of doing or not doing can ever be perfect. Did you hug your kids and spouse today, that is what matters. Did you nourish the relationships in your life? If you are tending to those things, there will be less focus on food and all that goes with it.

    Hang in there!

    1665 days ago
    You can't compare yourself to others. Different people lose at different rates. The days do go by, as well as the months and years. I'm too old to have gotten into social media, and I am grateful!
    1666 days ago
    I do similar things. sometime screen time drains me- even on SparkPeople.
    Now that I spend more time on here, i am on Facebook less and less. I check there everyday with groups that i belong to. If anyone posts something in a group, i respond if i feel like it. I wish people happy birthday. But i dont sit there for hours reading peoples posts, etc. I think sometimes we all need a break.

    I am not very good at responding here on Spark. It is sporadic. I dont even remember that i have Spark Mail so when something is there i usually dont get it right away.

    So back to Sparking. emoticon Slow and steady wins the race. Enjoy your chicken with a little bit of sour cream! Life is to be lived and enjoyed and not for washing emoticon down with water -- i hate broccoli! ewww. if it is overcooked it is like stinky feet to me! haha! I will eat it raw with hummus sometimes.

    have an emoticon day!
    1666 days ago
    This is hard enough without second guessing everything you do. Social media can sometimes.be very detremental when it comes to self acceptance. No matter how long it takes, you're going to make ot, I know now it. I'm here fo you sister. *HUGS*
    1666 days ago
    I shut my Facebook and Twitter account down 2 years ago. I don't need it. All I do is Spark on here with great people. That's enough for me!
    1666 days ago
  • JAROL7
    Happened long ago for me. TMI
    1666 days ago

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    that's my range too (calories) I count every 100 as 1 and every 50 as 1/2 to make my tracking (using checkbook register-free from banks) 16-18 plus water & exercise
    Yes I burn out on social media kind of does that to me time to time too
    I took off 50 pounds (5'7") using this easy method- of "calorie counting" a good day was anything under 20 (2,000 calories) and lots of spark blogs, team efforts etc.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1666 days ago

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