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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I completely fell off the blogging bandwagon last spring. I started training for an Ironman and my spare time dwindled to zero. I was still coming to SP to log my food and keep up with my Sparkpeeps, but I was further and further behind on blogging updates. I have a lot of catching up to do! I'll write a blog on each of the big events from last year and try to stay current with this year.

So yesterday I hit the 100k fitness minutes marker. Isn't that something? I've logged 100,000 minutes of exercise since joining SP 09/10. That's 52 months if you're trying to do the math. I don't have an activity tracker so those are intentional exercise minutes, not grocery shopping time. Sorry if I offend anyone with that. That's a pet peeve that I am reminded of every week when I see the (pointless) Leader Boards. I don't even bother looking at them anymore. I used to be happy to see my name somewhere in the top 10. Most of my groups I'm around 25 or 50 now after being bumped down by all of the fitbit wearers. Oh well.

Anyway, that averages to 1923 minutes per month. Roughly 32 hours per month. Of exercise. By me. The reformed fat couch potato. Take that long term weight loss statistics! I'm not in the losing bracket. Well, I guess technically I am, but I'm winning at keeping off what I lost.

Since Jan 1 I've run 2 half marathons and a 10k. That's a lot, I know. We did it last year, too. They are races that we really enjoy so we suck it up and do it. The first half was on the 10th. It's a big (for around here) race with 3000 or so. The terrain is very hilly with way too many turns. Constant low rollers with a few long climbs mixed in for punishment. This was my 4th time to run it and I knocked down a big PR that I didn't expect. After Ironman and NYC marathon (I swear I will eventually catch up on this stuff) I was struggling with recovery. My running was really lacking in pep. My muscles were tired and my energy level was dragging. Every now and then I would have a nice run where I felt good, but then I would be wiped out the rest of the day and the next run was dragging again. I have so many half marathons at 2:08-2:10 and last year I finally had one just under 2:07 on an easy out and back course. Now I ran a 2:02:57 in the freezing cold on the hardest course that I will run all year. So stoked! I'm going to break that 2 hour mark next year!

(Me and a friend)
Of course that meant I could barely walk the next day and the hilly 10k the following Sat was rough to say the least. Not to mention then getting in a car and driving 3 hours to run another half the next day. That one is almost flat and at 2:16 I was totally ok with it. It was seriously all that I had left in me. So 3 races in 8 days. I took an easy training week after and this week I am finally feeling pretty good.

For Christmas, my husband gave me (us) a membership to the Y so that I could go to the Masters Swim group with my triathlete friends. It was the best surprise. I've been grumping about it for two years. He won't go to the gym. So I've been going to the other (old school) gym in town because it's super cheap and at least it has a pool. But that means I do all of my training alone. I run alone, most of my rides are alone and all of my swims... alone. And I have not improved. I'm a good swimmer, but have had minimal speed improvement over the last 3 years. Swimming is the most technique dependent of the three sports. You gain or lose speed solely on technique whereas running and cycling can be improved with time and speed drills. I wasn't sure if I would like the format of Masters though. It's like regular swim team practice with rest breaks and the whole group does the same workout rather than me choosing my workout based on my training needs. Turns out that I like not having to be in charge of the planning, LOL. And those rest breaks are much needed when you are out of your comfort zone. The coach is helping me to change my 70's style full extension stroke to a shorter faster turnover stroke. I have to constantly think about every single stroke. Then we do anaerobic pace sets that both make me feel awesomely fast and fatigued at the same time. In a good way. Except that I always feel like someone has frogged me. Seriously. My shoulders. They ache. But I am picking up some speed!

Ok that's all for now about me. Here's a photo of the fam at Christmas.

We were all at my in-laws in TX. DD is now living in Austin working for/training to be a lobbyist after spending last year working on the campaign for governor. DS is still in Chattanooga as general manager at one of my dad's restaurants. They are both such adults now, LOL. Oh and we went to the Heart of Dallas Bowl game because DS's school was playing. It was fun to see so many "kids" that we got to know during college and catch up with them.

I hope your 2015 is off to a great start! I'll be back soon with more catching up.
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    Now I'm a little jealous. I've been too cheap to join the local triathlon group, and I really need help with my swim time. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and pay up. emoticon
    2299 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Sounds like your going to get your Sub 2:00 this year emoticon
    WooHoo on the Master Swim Class as a Christmas present!! Can't wait to hear about your Ironman & NY Marathon :)
    2300 days ago
    2 HMs & a 10k in 8 days. Girl, you nuts!

    I've been wondering - what does "masters" swim mean? Those who are already good at i? Or is it age division?

    Love Jason's red pants. Nat has a pair, too.

    Don't get me started on the FITNESS minutes leader board. Roll my eyes. 100,000 is incredible. Who'd a thunk? Ha! I haven't logged my minutes in months. Hearing your big number makes me wish I hadn't of stopped.

    2300 days ago
    2300 days ago
    FREAKING AWESOME!! You so have that sub 2 hr half this year - so exciting! What a great looking family too =) I can't wait to hear about IronMan and your NYC marathon!! heck yeah!!
    2300 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Great family photos!
    I love reading about your accomplishments and achievements. You're awesome! And a great inspiration!

    2300 days ago
    Good on you girl....I can almost see that sub 2:00 half in your future! Enjoy swimming with the Masters!
    2300 days ago
  • JUNIE33
    Thank you for the inspiration. emoticon
    2300 days ago
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