Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Tuesday, Sparkers! Here is where things stand on my monthly goals... (as of today we are 87% thru the month)

10,000 steps: 14/25 days 56%
Squats: 550/800 68.75%
Planks: 600/800 75%
Push-ups: 270/400 67.5%
Miles on treadmill: 26.5/40 66.25%

Obviously I've got work to do. I'm confident I will get it done by Saturday (at least the ST portion). There's only one more day this week I plan to run on the treadmill, so I'll be about 10 miles short. I obviously won't make the step goal either, but it gives me a goal to achieve next month.

I pulled up my FitBit to see how many miles I did this month so I can set a goal for last month. Mind you, I'm still fairly new to the FitBit and don't play around with the online dashboard much so I was stunned when I saw these numbers for my month to dateL

55,700 calories burned?! Over 200,000 steps and more than 100 miles?? WOW! That is so awesome! It's very interesting to look at these numbers. Hopefully next month will be even better despite the fact that it is a short month!
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