Making a big decision - Week 3 in Review

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 3 (my week runs Friday-Thursday), I kind of panicked and weighed myself every day to see how my weight was fluctuating. It snuck up at the beginning of the week, but by my typical weigh in day it was right back at 237.8, same as the previous week. At that point, I was just grateful I hadn't gained anymore and was willing to take no loss for the week.

My goals status -

2) Drink 60 ounces of water every day - I've got this water part down. I just need to increase it to 80 ounces a day at least.

3) Stretch at least once a day - I managed to do this. I'm started to get the lower back and hip pain I was anticipating, so I've been trying to stretch to ease it a little. It helps some, but the pain is still there.

4) Do some sort of light activity (housework, biking, bodyweight exercises) at least 3 out of 7 days.I biked 2 days, walked 1 day, did strength exercises 2 other days.

1) Hit calorie goal 5 out of 7 days - yeah, didn't make this one. I only hit my calorie goal 3 days out of the week. I exercised more, and the extra exercise allowed for less impact of calories, but I'm still not happy with this one.


I made a big decision last Friday. After I saw the scale number, I made a new challenge for myself. I am not going to weigh myself again until March 1.

It's just too frustrating. I know I'm eating healthier and I'm moving more. I have a bit more energy and am in a better mood. I know I am eating less than I was before and I'm making better choices in terms of carbs and sodium.

The problem is that my brain somehow thinks, even though I'm making small changes this time, I'm still going to see the scale move like I did during my previous endeavors. The ones where I went full-on with the calorie reduction and high intensity exercise. If I continue to worry about it, I'm going to wind up quitting and losing all the progress I've made so far.

I've got to decide what's more important to me right now - establishing good healthy habits and routines at turtle speed so I don't get overwhelmed or injured or dropping a lot of weight quickly. And if I want this to be different, then I have to go with option 1 and put away the scale for a while.

I have also taken measurements and before photos. So I have some other ways to chart physical progress other than the scale. Again, though, I may at least wait 2 weeks before checking my measurements again.


Some exciting news to report, though. B moved down here last May and put his house up for sale. We thought it would sell pretty quickly due to the price and the market, but after 6 months it was becoming a little stressful. However, he finally got an offer last week for about $2000 under the asking price.

One of the contingencies was to paint the living room. It was an inoffensive neutral grey color to start with. They wanted it painted this horrid electric blue.

So I was doing this on Saturday:

*shudder* It looks like a set from Miami Vice, but eh, whatever gets his house sold. I was so disappointed the paint color wasn't called Breakin' 2: Electric Bluegaloo. The empty room had awesome acoustics for singing though, so I was able to at least entertain myself with my karaoke favorites while I climbed up and down that ladder. I'm hoping he can use the money he'll get back to go get his M.B.A.

I have been hurting so much though since all that. I have tried epsom salt tub soaks, ibuprofen, yoga, stretching, and a light cycle to try to ease it, but I still have a lot of soreness in my back and my thighs. I guess I'm going to have to bust out the foam roller tonight and try another bath.

My kitties do not approve of baths. Bagheera was very concerned that I am voluntarily dunking myself in water. Or maybe he's hoping I drown so he can have B all to himself (he adores him and pretty much hates me unless I'm feeding him).


I'm a little late, but the week 4 goals I've been focused on are:

1) Hit calorie goal 5 out of 7 days (I've already used my 2 days thanks to Saturday's craziness, so I have to be on point for the rest of the week)
2) Drink 80 ounces of water a day.
3) Do 30 minutes of yoga out of 7 days.
4) 2 days of ST
5) 2 days of at least 7 miles on the recumbent bike.


I know this post is a bit boring. I'm going to work some this week to refocus my goals and figure out how I want to tackle February. I also have some other stuff to mention in other posts just to keep this from becoming too long.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how January has went. I've been able to establish some good habits with stretching and drinking water. Most days I eat pretty well or at the very least anticipate big meals and modify the rest of my day to mostly compensate. I've cut almost all of the sweet stuff out of my diet other than booze or fruit. I don't know if I'd classify what I'm doing as baby may be more of a turtle crawl. But I'm certainly better off than I was a month ago!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I actually like the blue (although I understand it may not be so likeable in real life, pictures are hard to capture the true shade). I like color in my life though, especially after so many many years of nothing but neutrals.
    2373 days ago
    Breakin' Blue 2 Bugaloo - hilarious. I hope they really thought out that color.

    Look at all the NSV you have achieved. Bet if you really look at how your clothes fit, etc you will see that there are even more victories. So bury that scale for a month and keep on, keepin on.
    2378 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I've been weighing myself every day since I've been on the journey. I've been maintaining for 3.5 years now. I had no problem when I was just running but now that I'm a triathlete, I've had to increase my intake carefully for proper fueling.

    I have to remind myself that our weight will fluctuate daily depending on food and exercise. I had to remind myself every day about that. The most important things to remember are fueling clean and keep exercising, no matter whether it's walking, or strength training at little 10 minute sessions throughout the day. You keep changing to healthy options and it becomes habit.

    I will also tell you that it takes a long time to start seeing yourself as a healthier person. That mindset will also need time. Just press on. Stay strong and never stop!
    2378 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13370898
    Breakin 2: Electric Bluegaloo cracked me up. That would've been a wonderful color name. That blue is... wow!

    Great job on your baby steps. That's the best way to do it. I'm trying to do the same. And uber good idea to stay off the scale for a month. I wish I could make myself do that as well!
    2378 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2378 days ago
    2378 days ago
  • SUE5007
    emoticon emoticon
    2378 days ago
    I'm sorry, I laughed so hard at Breakin' 2: Electric Bluegaloo. The gray was nice! People are nuts. I love watching those home buying shows because people always comment on how they hate the paint color, like it's the most expensive thing in the world to change. *rolls eyes*

    I think not weighing is a good idea for you! For me, not so much. (Not that it's going in the right direction anyway.)

    Turtle speed totally works, btw!
    2379 days ago
  • KBS2344
    It sounds like you are off to a great start!!! I think delaying weighing in will help! I've had trouble even waiting for Mondays! LOL I'm starting small as well - tracking daily and eating healthier first then gradually adding exercise. I haven't out booze either which I'm sure does derail me BUT I'm on call this whole week - so no drinking! I'll prob lose 5 # emoticon
    2379 days ago
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