The 90 Day Journey - Days 18-21

Friday, January 23, 2015

I didn't get a chance to do my daily updates due to circumstances way beyond my control. And while I did continue to workout out "some days" during my brief intermission, I'm not going to count those days. I decided to just pick up where I left off on my 90 day journey. So, since this week I was able to give 100%, I'm going to start there.

Jan. 20 through Jan. 22
Day 18- Monday- Ripped class (one hour)
Day 19- Tuesday- Turbo Kick class (one hour)
Day 20- Wednesday- Rest day
Day 21 - Thursday - Spin class (45 minutes)

I'm proud of myself for not quitting, not giving up after a few bad days, but what I'm even more proud of is the way I have been eating this past week. So much better, more fruits, more veggies, more fresh, more water!! And here's the big Ta-Dow!!! A very limited amount of sugar. Mostly dark chocolate and a small bag of M&Ms yesterday. But no cookies, chips, cake, or doughnuts. And I can honestly say, I feel the difference. And I love it!!! Why would I want to go back to feeling miserable due to something I chose to eat? No way!!

What I have learned over the past two weeks: Just because you can't or haven't done one thing, you can always do something else, make another positive choice that will move you another step closer to you goal. I couldn't get to the gym and workout everyday but instead of feeling guilty about that, I decided on the days I couldn't work out to eat better. If I didn't have the amount of fruit I was suppose to eat (due to not going to the grocery store) I ate more veggies. I am learning that every step doesn't have to be a big one, but, if I just continue to make small steps, it won't be long before my shadow will look like this: emoticon

Have a Fantastic Friday emoticon
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